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Help with the temperatures.


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Hello everyone. I'm Cristian and I from Chile, for that... sorry for my bad english ahaha.

I've a question. I've a sony vaio laptor with a GPU: Nvidida 410m. Versión Intel® Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz.

Do you know what is the correct temperature of the cores and the GPU of my laptop? when I play, it's feel so hot and I don't know the correct temperatures...

If the informations is not enough, ask me in the comments and I will put a complete report from Aida64.

Aprecciate the help!

Grettings, and thanks.

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Laptops feature such components that are designed to run constantly very hot. So having a notebook processor that heats up to 70-75 Celsius under load is normal. Mobile GPUs can work even beyond 100 Celsius under load. So unless your notebook switches off or throws a BSoD while playing a 3D game, it is fine. BTW, both modern processors and modern GPUs have automatic overheating protection to protect themselves from exceeding temperatures.



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