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Where are SensorPanel saved files?


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On 2/25/2021 at 7:59 PM, grantbaby said:

How do I save a completed sensor panel and where does it save it to?

On the SensorPanel just use the mouse right-click context menu --> SensorPanel Manager --> Export to save your layout into a file.  You will be able to select the folder and file name.

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Importing and exporting was easy to figure out for me, but one thing it took me a bit to figure out, that I'm surprised no one else seems to know, especially on the "share your sensorpanel" forum thread, is that I don't NEED background templates if I have the sensorpanel file, although I guess there might be a case you might need it... The sensorpanel file is just a custom compressed file format practically, that gets decompressed and stored in a certain folder on your drive, after which you can grab the background file from it for editing... It should be more well known than it is, I think, although it's just my opinion...

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Aida64 locked up and crashed while I was creating a new sensor panel and now all my work is missing. When I restarted AIDA64 it's showing me some old sensor panel I created years ago. You guys seriously need to create a backup copy of changes to sensor panels like auto-saves (auto-export in your system). Add a feature so people can elect to use it or not and if so, how long between auto-saves. I'll never trust my work to your .ini file again.

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