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BeadaPanel "Error: LCD init failed" after wake from sleep, sometimes

Andrew Pafitis

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I just got in the new 6.8" super wide BeadaPanel the other day and it's great when it's connected, but sometimes (not always) when coming back from sleep it goes to the screensaver and Aida64 shows "Error: LCD init failed" in the LCD preferences.

Disabling and re-enabling BeadaPanel support does nothing, but if I terminate Aida64 and relaunch it reconnects just fine.

Attaching some dump files if it helps. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide to help chase down this bug.

devdump.txt usbdump.txt

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i reinstalled windows and tried to reimplement the kill script to force a restart of aida64, but for some reason the kill script doesn't work this time.

anyways, @Fiery i found this other post mentioning "lcd init failed" where you asked for a usbdump file so i started poking around. i took a usbdump file when it failed, after restarting aida when it was successfully connected, and after restarting a second time to be sure. i compared values from the 3 files and think believe i understand the problem here.



Under the section [ DevClass / USB Devices ] I found that the usb beadapanel device instance ID was logged as 20, however restarting aida64 the usbdump shows an instance id of 19 and is properly connected and displaying stats on my panel. Restarting aida64 the second time, panel connected again, and usbdump also still showing device instance id of 19.

I have a whole bunch of usb devices connected through several usb hubs, so I'm not sure of the exact root cause for the IDs to change, but it seems possibly related to usb selective suspend and when the pc wakes from sleep where the usb devices are reconnecting, where it seems the pc reindexes the usb devices (panel now at 19) but aida64 is looking for the index that was saved prior to going to sleep (20), and thus failing.

Is there any way to force aida64 to reindex the usb devices after waking from sleep, at some interval, or anything else without having to force a restart of the entire application? 

usbdump-init failed.txt usbdump-ok.txt usbdump-ok2.txt

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