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New SensorPanel gauges

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Arctucas    2


I really like the the gauges in the new Senson Panel.

Is there a possibility of optional gauges, such as having a needle?

Thanks again.

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Fiery    298

Quickly rendering a needle that sweeps around with anti-aliasing (to make it look great) would be difficult and slow, so we've opted for a gauge design without a needle. Of course if the needle only had 10 or 20 states around, then it would be possible to make it work without the anti-alias hassle, but I don't think such a solution would be satisfactory for our users. It would be like an analog clock with a jumping hour hand that points exactly to whole hours for 60 minutes, and then jumps to the next hour without sweeping through.

We may add a gauge design with a vertical needle that moves only left and right later on.



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