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Sensor panel on 2nd display aligns with primary


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I have a 27" 2560x1440 primary display and a 10" 2560x1600 secondary display intended purely for AID64 sensor panel.

Sensor Panel is set at 2560x1600 and works perfectly when I have it set up as extended display etc., however, I regularly find my mouse pointer accidentally moving over to the 2nd display and I lose track of it, which is annoying af.

I found that an easy way to resolve this is to rearrange the displays to diagonal in Windows 10 display settings so the pointer doesn't accidentally move to the 2nd display, like so:


..however, when I rearrange the displays to diagonal, the sensor panel shifts way down on the 2nd display as it apparently is tied to a relative position counting from the top-left corner of the primary display, so it stays aligned with the primary display. If I put a browser window over there, it does not try to realign, so this is specific to the sensor panel.

I have tried locking the sensor panel position before rearranging the displays but it makes no difference, and once the display settings have changed, I cannot move the pointer over to the 2nd display to move the sensor panel to where it should be (which is the whole reason I rearranged the displays diagonally in Windows 10 settings - so the pointer stays on the primary display).

I know there is 3rd party software that can stop the pointer moving across, but I am trying to avoid any more processes running.

Any idea what I can do to stop this behavior (other than stop using sensor panel and perhaps using LCD monitoring and a browser window instead, which means opening a new broswer, moving it across, making it full screen, then realigning displays every time I restart windows).

Is there a way to adjust that relative position that counts from the top-left corner of the primary display? Ideally it should be tied to a relative position on the display it is sitting in, rather than the primary display.

Appreciate any help.



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I tried DMT (Dual Monitor Tools).. it works most of the time, but sometimes not - there does not seem to be any reason, it just doesn't sometimes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ..plus if I lock windows, when I come back, browser windows have resized - not sure if that's related.

Would love if we could adjust that relative position for sensorpanel.

I might try going back to a tablet running a browser connected to an IP on my local wifi network and use .rslcd instead of .sensorpanel again.


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