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Need beta testers for a utility to keep the sensor panel glued to a monitor


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I wasn't able to get Aida64 to do what I wanted as far as handling when my monitors get switched off or my KVM is activated, so I wrote a program that runs in the Windows tray.  The program allows you to select a monitor and it will keep the sensor panel maximized on that monitor.  It responds to any changes in monitor profile or monitor resolution and will resize it.  It also has an option for resetting the window on a timed basis, if there is some other application causing trouble.  Before I release it I'd like to get a few more people testing the application for me.  I will be pushing the source up to GitHub as soon as testing is complete (mine and hopefully others). 

Let me know if you are interested in beta testing the application for me.  I don't have an installer created yet, so I can just send you a zip file with the application and initial configuration file.

Any suggestions as to further functionality would also be welcome.

Here are some screen shots of the settings dialog:





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