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VIRUS in Beta Version [false alarm]


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In the last Beta version - "AIDA64 Extreme 2.50.2045 Beta" there is VIRUS ! I check it some times with Antivirus program: AVG_free_x64_all_2012_2195a5110.

The file: aida_dll.dll is Trojan Horse!

Dear Friends, please You try to check, too!

Thank You

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Interesting as it captured the file twice and moved it to the VAULT at my request. It exists!

However, I misidentified the file as "aida_dll.dll". It is "aida_zipdll.dll"

I am looking at the contents of : "aida64extreme_build_2036_mxyv0c7zkw.zip" I downloaded on July 11 and when I look into the zip file, I see "aida_zipdll.dll Application Extension 7/10/2012 6:15pm 83,856"

So that DLL is in the ZIP package which I downloaded from your site. I can E-mail the ZIP or anything else to you if needed.

By the way, I let AVG remove that file (now in the vault) and AIDA works just fine.

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