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Suggestion for Alerts Settings


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So, I'm using AIDA64 to monitor my system in real time. I have a Corsair H100 cooler, and I use the Alerts section to shut down my PC if the CPU temps exceed a certain temperature and if the CPU Fan RPM (same as the H100 Pump speed) falls too low in case the H100 fails.

A few times now, I've had my system just shut down on me (to be clear, this is a proper shut down - NOT just instant power off). With a bit of digging, I found that AIDA64 detected the CPU Fan Speed to be "0 RPM" for just a split second and then shuts down my PC because of the alert setting I mentioned above.

So, I'd like to request a feature on the Alerts settings. Perhaps something that says the particular reading must read high/low for a specified period of time before the alert is activated. For example, if the CPU Fan RPM reads "0 RPM" for 5 seconds, then shut down.

I hope this makes sense. Implementing something like this would be much appreciated.


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Alerting is a part of AIDA64 that definitely needs improvement. It should be way more flexible than it is now. We'll work on it later this year, and hopefully we can introduce a revamped Alerting module soon. We're watching this topic, and also the other topics about Alerting-related matters, so make sure to post your experiences, ideas and requests here, and discuss how would you imagine a new Alerting facility in AIDA64.



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