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Weird bug with Aida Extreme 6.70.6000 (stuttering in games)


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Hi :)


I have Aida64 Extreme and until now I was on the 6.60.5900 (under Windows 11).

I have a sensor panel that displays FPS, CPU / GPU temperature etc...

In the 6.70.6000, the Temperature->CPU was reporting 28C for my I9 10900KF, which is incorrect, but it was ok, I used a Cpu Core 1 for example to track the "real" temperature.

I was really satisfied with Aida :)


Today I updated to the 6.70.6000 and the Temperature->Cpu is fixed, it displays correctly the CPU temperature. Though I saw something strange with games. I have a "micro stutter" happening very regularly, as if fps went missing every now and then, like stuttering. So for example in Warzone or Far Cry it is really annoying as you do "micro jumps".

I tried to update the Nvidia drivers, scan Windows hard drives, Gaming mode on / off, deactivating the anti-virus, putting the game on another drive, changing the monitor frequency etc...


Then it hit me. The only thing that really changed was Aida. So I closed Aida and boum! No micro stuttering.

To check, I changed the update frequency in Aida from 1000 ms to 5000 ms. What happened is I had micro stutters only every 5 seconds.


To double check, I installed back the 6.60.5900 and I don't have micro stuttering.


If you want to test something feel free to ask me.

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  • Lmame changed the title to Weird bug with Aida Extreme 6.70.6000 (stuttering in games)
On 4/16/2022 at 9:26 AM, Lmame said:

I realized I could create a support ticket and just did it.

What motherboard do you have?  If it's an Asus motherboard, then you may want to try to disable the following 2 options in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and restart AIDA64 to apply the changes.

Embedded Controller (EC) support
Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching

Without EC (Embedded Controller) register access AIDA64 will lose a few sensor readings, but it should help to get rid of the stuttering.

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  • 4 weeks later...

My apologies, I did not see the notification...

I am not sure about the motherboard, it comes with the Alienware Aurora R11.

I will update Aida tonight, try your suggestion and let you know :)


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