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Weird bug with Aida Extreme 6.70.6000 (stuttering in games)


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Hi :)


I have Aida64 Extreme and until now I was on the 6.60.5900 (under Windows 11).

I have a sensor panel that displays FPS, CPU / GPU temperature etc...

In the 6.70.6000, the Temperature->CPU was reporting 28C for my I9 10900KF, which is incorrect, but it was ok, I used a Cpu Core 1 for example to track the "real" temperature.

I was really satisfied with Aida :)


Today I updated to the 6.70.6000 and the Temperature->Cpu is fixed, it displays correctly the CPU temperature. Though I saw something strange with games. I have a "micro stutter" happening very regularly, as if fps went missing every now and then, like stuttering. So for example in Warzone or Far Cry it is really annoying as you do "micro jumps".

I tried to update the Nvidia drivers, scan Windows hard drives, Gaming mode on / off, deactivating the anti-virus, putting the game on another drive, changing the monitor frequency etc...


Then it hit me. The only thing that really changed was Aida. So I closed Aida and boum! No micro stuttering.

To check, I changed the update frequency in Aida from 1000 ms to 5000 ms. What happened is I had micro stutters only every 5 seconds.


To double check, I installed back the 6.60.5900 and I don't have micro stuttering.


If you want to test something feel free to ask me.

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  • Lmame changed the title to Weird bug with Aida Extreme 6.70.6000 (stuttering in games)
On 4/16/2022 at 9:26 AM, Lmame said:

I realized I could create a support ticket and just did it.

What motherboard do you have?  If it's an Asus motherboard, then you may want to try to disable the following 2 options in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and restart AIDA64 to apply the changes.

Embedded Controller (EC) support
Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching

Without EC (Embedded Controller) register access AIDA64 will lose a few sensor readings, but it should help to get rid of the stuttering.

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@Fiery, I would like to apologize, I was pretty sick and was unable to do the tests or game for that matter.

I was able to run some tests Today and disabling those two settings did not change a thing ("Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching" was already disabled).

For information here were my initial settings, with your recommendation:



 Nonetheless it gave me hope and I spent some time to try and see if some other settings there would change anything and was able to pinpoint the setting combination that is causing issue in my case.

When both settings "Low-Level sensor operations" and "Dell SMI sensor support" are checked, I see the stuttering:


So what I did now is set the same settings I posted initially, but disable "Dell SMI sensor support" and I have no stuttering and I have pretty much all the sensors :)


In this case I lost the motherboard and chipset sensors temperature, but I can live without it.

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Btw. I realized I was not following this topic, I thought it was automatic. I follow now this topic.


If you want me to test something please fell free to ping me :)



Even with the previous version I could see some stuttering very recently (I updated a lot of stuff Today when I came back) when I launched COD (which I did not have when I initially posted), might be related to a new Dell update now...

I was looking Netflix on Chrome 102 (Stargate SG 1) and I was seeing stuttering during pan sequences. Disabling Aida seemed to remove them (?).



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Also getting really annoying stutters no matter which version im using, it seems to happen at regular intervals.

it has hapenned to me on 2 different PCs with regular latest aida64 build as well as latest beta 6.85.6318

AMD 5800X3D / Win11 latest update / Nvidia 4080 FE / 16gb DDR4 / 1TB Nvme / X570i Asus MB

i have tried the "tricks" above however to no avail ! i quit aida and then everything will be fine.

Mainly noticeable whilst playing COD MW2, the frame rate will drop for a split second every 5 or 6 seconds then will bounce back up to 120fps creating stutter in the process.

Being a paying license holder i would expect for the monitoring to be perfect especially given your company has been going for years AND this issue has been reported for many months now ! just like the issue of cpu usage not being reported properly which just got kind of fixed !

Having a second monitor and being able to use the sensor panel is the main reason i purchased Aida64 otherwise i could just use free softwares.

could you please get back to us regardingn this issue !

Thank you

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I have this stuttering problem too when I play The Division 2 and Dead Space Remake. My motherboard is Gigabyte and my Windows 11 was installed on SSD SATA.

My games performance improved after I disable the Hyper-Threading in Bios under CPU and the best thing is that I don't have to disable any of the stability option from Aida64. Maybe you guys should check if your motherboard and CPU supports Hyper-Threading and try to disable it. See if it helps.


UPDATED: After a few days, the stuttering came back. It seems that disabling the Hyper-Threading also causes the stuttering. 


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Bonjour, avez-vous trouvé une solution à vos problèmes. J'ai exactement les mêmes soucis de bégaiement dans les jeux, impossible de trouver de solution mis à part de couper Aida64. Ma config carte mère gigabyte Z690, i7 13700K, Rtx 4090...

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