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  1. There is no need to invent something new, just copy graphs system from RivaTuner (best fully customizable system) and sound alarm by thresholds.
  2. At first I thought that "Show SP" from the tray does not work, then I remembered that my Update Frequency for SP = 60 sec and it appears after 60 sec. This is good for reducing CPU usage, but bad for the show/hide SP. I think you'll have a lot of messages "Why Show SensorPanel does not work?" It should not depend on Update Frequency.
  3. Fiery, We have only "SP always on top", but also need "SP always on desktop" ! After reboot, I have auto-start some windows (e.g. TotalCMD) and SP appears on top of all. Maybe, hotkey for open/hide SP ? About Bars: 1. Maybe good when user has only 1 colour limit by default and can add more if he wants? 2. Smoothly iridescent color would be best! Min - first color (green), Max - second color (red), possible third color (yellow) in the middle. My first SP:
  4. After reboot, I'm trying to repeat the sequence of my steps, but I can not. I don`t see this issue yet.
  5. When I change "Shadow" (under "Font name"), I have lost my changed label (reset to default value). When I do Win+D (close all windows) to watch SP, it`s closed too - it`s not good!
  6. Now I'm forced to use 3 programs simultaneously 1. RivaTuner has best graphs with background monitoring and settings, hotkeys, sound alarm by triggers, best convenient look, AIDA-plugins, but cannot control fan of my GTX460. 2. AIDA for monitoring other sensor that cannot Riva do, but AIDA has not graphs, bad OSD, no hotkeys to call it. 3. MSI Afterburner controls fan in my GTX460, but has very bad graphs, imposible looking, no AIDA-plugins, bad tray digits and always-working RTSS for it. Result: if AIDA will copy all best things from Riva, I can remove Riva at least!
  7. 790

    EPU in VGA

    EPU really presents on my VGA. When I have uninstall heatsink I see it. Asus Six-Engine "sense" something about this EPU, but has old version, no new feature. Asus SmartDoctor, MSI Afterburner controll fan, clocks, voltage on this VGA... but via driver (I think)
  8. 790

    EPU in VGA

    ok, attached btw. if you know... what`s fan controller on this VGA-card? (I wish to create plugin for controll it) nvidiagpureg.txt nvidiasmbusdump.txt
  9. AIDA has monitoring EPU on Asus MB. Now we have EPU-chip in ASUS VGA cards (e.g. GTX460 DirectCU). Can use it? power, voltage, fan...
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