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  1. 7 hours ago, dynamic said:

    Hi there,

    i'm running a portable version of AIDA.

    In my case it's stored in Dropbox or in OneDrive. I see a constant change/write in the file aida64.reg.ini

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour, how can i fix this - cause even the file is very smal (4 kb) i don't want a permanent change in my cloud drives...

    thanks and regards

    AIDA64.REG.INI file is created and updated when you have the option NoRegistry enabled in the AIDA64.INI settings file.  In that case AIDA64.REG.INI acts as a proxy for Registry, hence it's normal that it's being updated frequently.

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  2. 22 hours ago, Laundberg said:

    ID системной платы    63-0100-000001-00101111-101111-Chipset$1APTC013_BIOS DATE: 02/09/17 10:35:59 VER: 04.06.05



    Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> ISA Sensor Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first.

    If you know it, then please also let us know the correct motherboard model for your computer.


  3. On 4/18/2021 at 3:38 PM, EngrAndy said:

    Hi AIDA64,

    As per report from tech reviews,  Samsung A42 5G is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 750 but on your app it shows otherwise. 

    The issue has been fixed in the latest AIDA64 for Android app update of v1.78 which is already available in the Play Store.

  4. 4 hours ago, NewbieOKS said:

    Thank you @Fiery, I can confirmed for SPD Information is now visible.

    Meanwhile I can't see the thermal readings for the memory modules in the Computer/ Sensor page. In the SPD page, it did mentioned that "Thermal sensor as present" but since no memory modules thermals are detected in the Sensor page, does it mean my memory modules can't read/detect the thermal temperature?

    It means the sensor cannot provide temperature readings, but maybe capable of protecting the memory module from overheating.

  5. 2 hours ago, Boris said:

    Hello, I try to isolate the component of my pc which is faulty and used the Benchmark Stability Test.

    So far I do not overclock and I exchanged my PSU already.

    First issues I noticed were that sometimes my external audio interface and W-Lan-Adapter disconnected out of the sudden.

    I bought new ones problem was solved.

    After a some time my games crashed, some after 20 minutes other sessions after hours.

    Drivers are all up to date.


    The results of my Benchmarks are as follow:

    1. Stress CPU                     = Passed

    2. Stress FPU                     = Crashes after ~2-5 min.

    3. Stress cache                  = Crashes reliably after ~20 seconds

    4. Stress system memory = Passed

    5. Stress local disks          = Passed

    6. Stress GPU                    = Passed

    Do you have a clue how i can make sure my motherboard might be the culprit?

    Regards Boris

    It could be a number of issues, e.g. motherboard failure, PSU failure, weak PSU, etc.  It's hard to tell, so you may want to take your PC to a local specialist and have it checked out.

  6. 18 minutes ago, NewbieOKS said:

    Hello :)

    As per topic title. The SPD tab in Aida64 software shows no information (pictured below) meanwhile CPU-Z (pictured below) does recognize the SPD

    And also does my memory modules support DIMM TS thermal state reporting?

    I'm not sure since my RAM info software mentioned "Thermal Sensor Present" as Yes (pictured below). Please kindly advise. Thank you

    Please disable (uncheck) the option SMBus access through ACPI in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability.

    Also enable (check) the option DIMM thermal sensor support on the same page.

    After you've done with that, restart AIDA64 to apply the changes. SPD information should now be listed properly.  You can check the Computer / Sensor page of AIDA64 to find out whether your memory modules provide thermal readings.

  7. 4 hours ago, Doug Dann said:

    I am interested in a program that monitors a few hardware activities on Windows 10 workstations and Windows Servers.
    Hard drive, Ethernet, CPU, & Temperature are the main ones.
    Most important, I want to be notified when they reach certain levels….high or low.
    Do you have anything that will work for me?
    If so, how much is the cost?
    Thank you.


    You should try AIDA64 Business. The notification part is a bit tricky, so make sure to use the 30-day trial period to find out whether it suits your needs.

    Prices start at $199.9:


  8. On 5/7/2021 at 9:45 PM, scal said:

    Good evening, 
    I am French and I am looking for a program which is maybe
    Aida64 to know if it was possible to monitor 2 pc windows in network on 1 screen.
    I see examples of graphics in the forum and I find it beautiful.
    It's a dream I have for a long time, but I don't know how to do it and if it's possible to do.
    Thanks for your feedback

    I'm afraid no, it's not possible to monitor multiple PC's on a single display.

  9. On 5/8/2021 at 9:23 AM, 40rty said:


    I just want to thank you for your efforts. Apologies for the late reply but I installed the BETA and sure enough I now have Memory Junction Temp on my Sensor panel now. It works great and I can also confirm that its the same values as what HWinfo64 shows. Thank you and job well done. 

    Thank you for your feedback!

  10. 8 hours ago, P00tiee said:

    I mean to say is there a way to repurpose my ps vita’s display to use aida64? 

    I don't think so. Unless you can manage to connect the display to your computer via a HDMI connection to make it work like a regular PC monitor.

  11. On 4/8/2021 at 11:57 AM, dmitrykobzar said:

    Wrong CPU identification on SM-T500NZAASEK samsung galaxy tab A7, in aida displayed CPU snapdragon 460, but in wikipedia and samsung site CPU kryo 260 this cpu a snapdragon 660 or 665,662.



    Thank you, the issue will be fixed in the next AIDA64 for Android app update due in a few days from now.

  12. 7 hours ago, Rafiat said:

    Why does the app no longer shows the type of camera sensor in Camera ID under the Devices section anymore?? It used to show this before !!!

    Please note that in order to detect the missing details, the camera ID information had to be previously encoded into the Android profile of the device. When the manufacturer of the device didn't encode the info there or decides to remove the information after a firmware update, then sysinfo apps cannot read or detect it.

  13. 21 hours ago, Goggit said:

    Dear Fiery, 
    I see all parameters of high flow next in AIDA64 but there is no water quality paramater to add in Sensor Panel. How to add it?

    Currently pressure and water quality items cannot be added to the SensorPanel since there's no hardware monitoring item group defined for those kinds of pecular and in some ways quite special measurements.

  14. 6 hours ago, P00tiee said:

    Hello y’all, I’m wondering if I would be able to use this service on my psvita rather than a phone or hdmi display. Thanks! 

    I'm not sure what exactly do you have in mind.  Can you please explain with more details what you're looking for to achieve using AIDA64?

  15. 21 minutes ago, Tychoid said:

    I use Macro Buttons for Voicemeeter and use various 'hotkey' combinations to launch various macros.

    After installing the AIDA64 6.33.5714 beta (Apr 23, 2021), those hotkey combinations (shift f16-f19) stopped responding while AIDA64 was running.  I tried various other key combinations, but AIDA64 seemed to stop them all from registering in Voicemeeter Macro Buttons - even when the Macro app tried exclusively hooking the keys.

    I uninstalled the 6.33.5714 beta, and then reinstalled AIDA64 6.33.5700 stable (Mar 30, 2021)... and the problem went away - Voicemeeter Macro Buttons successfully hooked my hotkey combinations again.

    Bummer!  I really like the features you've put into the latest beta.  Hope future stable versions won't interfere with my precious macros!

    Do you have the Hot Keys feature of AIDA64 activated?

  16. On 4/24/2021 at 1:58 PM, Xardos said:

    Hello there,

    Downloaded the latest Beta (Version: 6.33.5714 beta (Apr 23, 2021)) and im happy youre adding more Sensors.


    • Hardware Monitoring / new item: GPU Memory #1 temperature

    GPU Memory Junction temp works as in hwinfo so far.

    • GPU Hotspot and VRAM temperature measurement on capable nVIDIA video cards

    Hotspot works like in hwinfo but im not getting VRM temps listed on my 3090 Strix OC, in hwinfo there is.


    Also im missing CCD1 and CCD2 from hwinfo for my 5950x ryzen.

    Would be very happy if you can add those @Fiery Thank you.


    Edit: I actually missread VRAM temprature with VRM temprature. So with this beta i got GPU Hotspot and Memory Junction temp. VRM from GPU is still missed. So all in all i would like to have the missed CCD1 CCD2 from Ryzen and the GPU VRM Temprature.

    Can you please post a screenshot of the Sensors window of HWiNFO64, showing the section where it shows the GPU VRM thermal reading?

  17. 9 hours ago, ngohonhuy said:

    Hi everyone, my desktop keep shutting down while playing games so I decide to stress my desktop out to check if there is anything wrong with my desktop. My CPU, RAM, GPU all run at 100% and the average temperature is around 65 degree Celsius. But when I play games, it keep shutting down for no reason. 

    This is my desktop specs:

    CPU: i5 9600K

    GPU: MSI 2060 Super

    RAM: GSkill 8gb 3000mhz dual x2 

    PSU: Corsair TX750M

    Cooler: MasterAir MA410M

    Motherboard: MSI Z390 Pro

    Try to use the AIDA64 System Stability Test with only the FPU subtest enabled (checked).  That will put more thermal stress on the system, and cause your processor to draw the most power from the PSU.

  18. On 4/24/2021 at 11:22 PM, Psychor said:

    Hi @Fiery,

    Thanks for all of your help on this. From what I've gleaned from the Internet it would appear that EVGA doesn't have the pump RPM pin connected to a wire for their watercooled GPUs. So while there is a pin there is no way to actually read the RPM from the pump. What's odd is that your software appears to be picking it up though as I'm seeing a GPU2 fan speed in AIDA64.

    Take care.

    Thank you!  We do try to poll EVGA iCX chips for all available sensor readings.  EVGA may not want to read and show all those readings in their own software though.

  19. On 4/25/2021 at 2:45 PM, Gary Anderson said:

    Browser will quit responding when connected to AIDA64 via TCP/IP.  Not all the time, but the browser window will freeze with all the charts not refreshing.  Stopping and starting AIDA64 on the PC does not help.  Restarting the PC will refresh the remote browser window.  Also reloading the connection will work too.  Will there ever be a way to set an IP address for the built in webserver?  I would like to be able to multihome my pc, and use a point to point ip based connection for the remote display.

    Have you tried it with a different web browser client?

    We'll check if it's possible to assign an IP address to the RemoteSensor web server.

  20. On 4/8/2021 at 8:44 PM, Negi said:

    In the SensorPanel Manager, for example, when I place the raw CPU clock data and try to change the font of the text, it is not reflected.

    In the attached image, the font is changed to "Let's go Digital", but for some reason, the font on the panel remains Gothic.

    Is there any possible cause for this?
    Not all fonts do this, and some fonts (standard Windows fonts?) do not work. Some fonts (Windows standard fonts?) are reflected without any problem.

    We've checked it by installing the Let's go Digital font using Windows Font Manager (Windows 10 64-bit) and worked flawlessly.

  21. 23 hours ago, Kodo28 said:


    I am facing some weird issue with Aida display wrong temps after running fine at first. For some reason Aida bugs out and start showing temp number all over the place after some minutes or not showing them in APP at all but showing "0" on panel. From gigabyte SIV tool no issue, temps are well shown, so not an issue with Motherboard sensors. 

    Example below;

    Motherboard showing temp -92 °c...Chipset -6°c and CPU is not display on app, but shown on sensor panel at 0°c

    Meantime on Gigabyte app all seems ok

    1) Can you experience the same issue if you don't start Gigabyte SIV?

    2) Do you think the issue is related to the computer going to sleep and resuming back from it, or it happens randomly even without the computer going to sleep?

    3) What Gigabyte motherboard do you have?

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