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  1. Thank you very much ! Everything is working fine. I have only one suggestion - can you make these new media items (media title, media status and media position) appear only when media file is opened ? (playing or paused or stopped, but opened) Idea is, that when clicking any music or video file, then media items appear (over other items for example - like top layer, so they dont take away any room on LCD - appearing only when needed. Background for this "media overlay" can be made of the bar item for media title.)
  2. Yes, BSPlayer is mostly for video playback but seeing currently playing video details (like - how much time to the end of movie ect.) on LCD without the need to click on monitor to show main window - would be very welcome. And I guess BSPlayer can be used for music playlists as well. As for Winamp - there is such feature on Logitech G15 and G19 keyboards, so it must be somehow possible to get currently playing media info from Winamp.
  3. Mostly Winamp and sometimes BSPlayer. Winamp is better for playlists and BSPlayer is better for playing single MP3-s and videos. It would be nice to see some info about the song that is playing, like song (or video) file name (scrolling for longer names), and played-remaining time or percentage and progress bar. And status (playing/paused)
  4. Hi ! I was wondering - is there any chance to show currently playing song on Aida64 LCD ? This way i wouldn't need to switch to another app while music is playing.
  5. I know exactly what you mean For example this red triangle with warning message is actually a custom gauge with only last frame that is a png image and is set to maximum temperature 75 degrees C and put on top of everything. (75 degrees C is maximum temperature of R9 295x2) Some of my other designs: (some of them are older and do not have second GPU items)
  6. Ok, thanks. Here it is - my main display: Normal and under heavy load:
  7. Nice ! I would share some of my screens but for some unknown reason i can not upload images. (image adding dialog buttons not reacting) Maybe i am doing something wrong - i have not previously uploaded any images here before.:-)
  8. Sorry for delay. Yes, i have Logitech G19 and before Razer Deathstalker Ultimate i used it with Aida64. Only drawbacks were weak backlighting, smaller display and additional adapter (i modified my G19 to work without this adapter - it is possible) But what you mean by this, that some of the keys do not illuminate ? Do you mean those 10 keys above display ? I had some problem with those and it turned out to be motherboard issue - some unstable voltage and interferences through USB.
  9. Yup. The best keyboard to use with Aida64. (To be honest - Aida64 is the thing that makes this one of the best keyboards:-)
  10. Aida64 autostart in task scheduler must be deleted and then after uninstalled everything else, try to run as portable. Sometimes settings in task scheduler become corrupted. If you disable autostart from program options, and then re-enable, it wont work - entry from task scheduler must be deleted manually.
  11. Yes, i do. I have latest Razer Synapse installed and nothing disabled. It includes synaptic pointing device. Have you tried running Aida64 as portable ? If not, uninstall Aida64 and remove any registry leftovers, be sure there are no startup entries left. After that, try to run Aida64 as portable. (this behaviour you describe can also be result of wrong settings in task scheduler)
  12. I guess i have to choose then - monitoring or power management :-)
  13. Hi Mac ! Try this: First disable automatic startup from Aida64, then on Windows Start menu run (or Win key + R) type taskschd.msc top left click >Task Scheduler Library. On top middle pane if there is Aida64 entry, delete it. Now after restart re-enable Aida64 startup from Aida64 settings.
  14. Checked again - i can choose only one - to show second GPU info on LCD or use graphic card power management. Scenario 1: (Aida64 "Wake GPUs up at Aida64 startup" is off) When idle, green led on graphic card indicates that one GPU is off, when starting some game, led turns off, indicating that both GPUs are working. After exiting game, green led turns on again. During game, i can see both GPU utilizations, but not temperature for GPU 2 and not one fan. <(this fan is running 100% all the time independently from GPUs but shows up only when Wake GPUs up option is selected) Scenario 2:
  15. Ok. Thank you. I asked, because there is a green led on my graphic card - when one GPU is sleeping, the led is lit. Usually it is always lit when idle, but after enabled Wake GPUs option under Aida64 settings, the led is not lit anymore. Of course both GPUs are showing on LCD nicely. If i disabled aforementioned option, GPU usage and temperature are showing N/A even while gaming. Graphic card is r9 295x2
  16. Do i have to leave this option "Wake GPUs up at Aida64 startup" enabled ? if yes, does that mean my GPU energy management is not working anymore ? (my graphics card is very power hungry, so this is important)
  17. I guess its working, but in order to set it to show on LCD i should do so while second gpu is used. Problem is, that second gpu is used while playing some game or something similar fullscreen application. If i use ALT-Tab, second gpu turns off and is not showing under sensors. I do not have second monitor. Any ideas ?
  18. Never mind my previous post, fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling everything, including manually deleting all registry entries. Now delay works. (although it would be nice if Aida64 did not close automatically when Synapse is starting) I have another question: is it somehow possible to measure dual gpu graphic cards second gpu usage and temperature ?
  19. Some time ago i was talking about a problem, when Aida64 starts up normally and after short time closes itself. I thought this was Asus motherboard problem but now i have identified the real culprit - it is Razer Synapse. I am 100% sure of that. (i log on, Aida64 starts and shows system info on Razer LCD > Aida64 closes and Razer Synapse starts.) I managed to get around this by delaying Aida64 startup 30 seconds, but this created 2 Aida64 startup entries (visible only through TuneUp utilities) and resulted in displaying Aida64 opened on desktop after showing on LCD. I had to close Aida64 wi
  20. I used to have similar problem some time ago. It was gone after i reinstalled Razer Synapse (after removing it completely). And i use Aida64 as portable. (I use most of my apps as portable, because i like my operating system as 'virgin' as possible )
  21. How to use this razr-v1.10.rzlcd file. Where to put it or how to open ?
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