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  1. Hmm... i used updated drivers indeed. Thank you - this was helpful. I guess i have to downgrade my motherboard drivers, because few other things are acting weird too (just discovered that some games that previously worked make computer reset now (GPU drivers are same as before)) So - newer drivers are not always better.
  2. Ok, thanks. I currently have this option enabled. (had one BSoD yesterday, but not after that. So i hope that was not related.) Can this issue be related to different SATA outlets on motherboard ? If so, then i would know that some motherboard drivers may not be working correctly. (or motherboard is dying)
  3. Hi, i have experienced some peculiar behaviour regarding to HDD temperature monitoring. Few days ago i reinstalled my operating system (Windows 7 64bit - clean install) And i had to reinstall all my software as well. I copied over Aida64 ini file from backup i made before reinstalling my os. Now two of my five hard disks are not showing temperature anymore. I discovered that when i enable RAID SMART support under Stability options, then all temps are showing again. But i do not have any disks in RAID configuration and before reinstalling Windows i did not have to enable this option. (Aida64 is the same version as before) So i figured that i had some drivers or stuff before that made those disks temperatures visible to Aida64, my question is: what can it possible be that is eqivalent to enabling RAID SMART support ? (for example - HD Tune Pro can see my HDD temps fine) One disk that has issue is WDC WD10EZEX-60ZF5A0, second is TOSHIBA DT01ACA200 Weirdest of all is that i have two of these exact TOSHIBAs and second one is ok. (Other than this temperature showing problem, all my disks are working nomally and showing all other parameters correctly) (Motherboard is Asus Sabertooth Z77) I'm not sure this is Aida64 bug, because i did not change anything in Aida64 (it was working ok before reinstalling Windows) - unless Aida64 lacks certain capabilities that were covered by some other software or drivers before. I brought this issue out hoping that someone can understand this and get some clarity.
  4. Another question: can you add "blurred" shadow option to LCD texts, addition to bold, italic and shadow ? (Like glow around text) Please. (or as additional option under shadow)
  5. Ok, understandable. It would have been nice though to make keyboard backlight go red for example when GPU temperature reaches critical. Or just brighter.
  6. But how can be that drive letters are showing correctly for Drive Utilization, Used Space and Free Space ?
  7. A question about RGB LED keyboard support: can you make it work with Deathstalker Ultimate ? (it has RGB LED lighting but all keys are lighted together as one - so no by key lighting) Maybe add "all keys" option under item type ?
  8. Nice feature - thanks ! It is working ok, but one question: can you make it so that instead of disk 1, disk 2 etc., there would be actual disk letters. I had to find out which disk responds to which disk letter by trial and error method. Disk 1, disk 2 etc. also dont match windows disk management disk numbering.
  9. But what about using web based testing method like www.speedtest.net ? Is it possible to capture the results from that page after testing (automatically) and convert to Max. values ? This particular testing page has phone app also.
  10. Hi! Under gauge settings there are Min. and Max. value. In case of network speed I was wondering if it is possible to make Max. value automatic - so that when moving computer or laptop into another network, there wont be need to reconfigure Max. Download Rate every time. Especially with 9 different pages on LCD - all with download (and upload) gauges. (maybe integrate some small network speed detecting utility or something? - or at least add possibility to link with some utility (like with Fraps))
  11. Is it possible to make items on LCD items config window movable with mouse ? (for quicker rearrangements)
  12. Thanks for the answer, at least now i can re-adjust my efforts.
  13. There is one other thing i have thought about long time: can you add transparency option for bar colors (for bar color and for bar background color) ?Something like transparency slider or some alpha channel % box. This way we could use (semi-transparent) bars as overlay to other elements and therefore accommodate more information into small area.
  14. Yes, i know. Thank you. I just wanted to know if there is some better way to do so. To make for example a bar with 100 pieces (1 piece for a %) i use an overlay image (partially transparent png image with 100 vertical stripes) I put that image over a bar and i get a bar that seems to consist of 100 little pieces. Problem with overlay image is that it wont go away after bar disappears when disconnecting external disk. With custom gauge i have to define all 16 images. (at least it is the same image :-)
  15. Question: can i make some image appear on LCD only on certain occasions ?
  16. Ok, understood. But what about possibility to turn bars 90 degrees ? (for vertical bars)
  17. Hi ! Can you make it possible to add any optional number of stages under custom gauge ? Currently there are 16 stages (0-15) Some items can give much better overview if there are more (or less) stages (from stage 0 to stage 100) I know i can use bar item instead but sometimes there is more practical to use vertical or circular gauge with 1 % increment. This would give almost unlimited possibilities to organize (or design) our "instrument panel".
  18. Hi again ! Can you make it possible to enter symbols from Windows Character Map as static and other labels symbols ?
  19. Ok, i was asking just to be sure. You have indeed done more than enough. Thank you for this. (every feature you implement into Aida64 is another reason to use it)
  20. Thanx - got it working (restarting Aida64 while media file is opened works) Very sad . Not even current position time ? not ever ?
  21. I noticed that new beta is up and now media items are working exactly like they should ! Thank you very much. One question though: while editing these media items they are not showing on LCD preview - can it be made that while media file is opened, then they are showing on preview ? Otherwise editing thems is complicated. Oh- and can you add media time item ? (total time, current position time, remainig time)
  22. Thanks ! You are the best software developer, you actually take into account the users' opinions and suggestions. :-)
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