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  1. No, not on Computer / Sensor page, only on Storage / SMART page
  2. One more thing - can not see my SSD temperature under sensors. Under storage it is present. I go MENU>STORAGE>SMART and my SSD is there along with temperature. But if i want to display this temperature on my display, it is not there. SSD is Kingston 120 Gb (SVP200S37A120G)
  3. Nice ! Tried it and working. Thanks ! Now i'd like to know how to edit these icons under dynamic keys (to make them go with overall theme) ?
  4. Oh, one more question: is it possible to make LCD info on Razer display touch sensitive ? Like when i tap for example on cpu usage, then some graph or something pops up ? Or when sliding master volume gauge then volume changes ?
  5. Ok. Thanks. I was hoping that Razer had fixed this. Last info about this issue was from October 2013.
  6. I have Aida64 info on Razer Deathstalker Ultimate display, but nothing under the buttons above. The lower row of buttons work for Aida64 though, but all buttons are dark - no icons when having Aida64 info dispayed. is that supposed to be that way ?
  7. Any news about Aida64 app for Razer Deathstalker Ultimate ?
  8. Whoa ! I did not know my keyboard has this function. But yes - this is definitely a good workaround. I hope that some day there will be a possibility to put images under the dynamic keys too. (By the way - you made this beta available for my birthday! thanks for the gift)
  9. Thanks, it is working. But one question - how to start the LCD application ? If i set Aida64 to run at startup, my Switchblade LCD shows all Aida64 information and everything is running smoothly. But once i switch to another app on my lcd, then only way to switch back to Aida64 is to close Aida64 and run it again.
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