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  1. I think i determined the culprit - it is ASUS motherboard. If two different programs try to pull information from motherboards sensors, whole system becomes unstable. (Although Fraps should not use motherboards sensors. Or maybe it does ?) At the beginning i had this instant shut down problem with Aida64 and later the problem disappeared. As it turned out - problem disappeared after i had turned off monittoring from inside ASUS AI Suite 2. (I need this program to adjust my fan speeds, alternatives just not working) So there is nothing wrong either Aida64 or Fraps - it's the motherboard (Saber
  2. Now 5 Days without Fraps - only Aida64 and no more instant shut downs or artefacts. Bad thing i can not see my FPS anymore : (
  3. No, not overclocked. Just a usual Radeon HD 7970 - no need to overclock : )
  4. Hmm... video driver can be the reason, maybe. (I use Catalyst 14.4) Because i also experience some artefacts on screen (horizontal lines, very briefly appearing and completely random). Those artefacts have been appearing roughly the same time i have been using Aida64 and Fraps together - during last few days.
  5. So... in references to using Fraps with Aida64 - i think i discovered a bug: since i started using Fraps to show FPS on my LCD with Aida64 info, my computer turns off few times a day (completely turns off without any warning, like when someone pulls the power cord) Motherboard is Asus. It may be Fraps Bug, but i have not encountered this particular problem before, using only Fraps. (Maybe it's just a coincidence) Of course Aida64 alone works perfectly.
  6. Did not know that. Good thing is that this is working ok, bad thing is the need to use additional program. But i guess it's ok.
  7. Would it be possible to add an option to show FPS (frames per second) on LCD ? In games it is wery nice to see all the temperatures and usages (GPU, CPU, RAM etc.) but one thing that seems to be missing is FPS : )
  8. Works like a charm ! I can copy/paste portions or the whole thing. Countless hours of tinkering avoided now ! Thanks again !
  9. The LCD module is the main reason for many people to use Aida64. There are no better alternatives. By the way, is there a way to copy one LCD page to another ? (Like when i have one page with a hundred items and i need another page with just minimal differences)
  10. Oh, i noticed the aforementioned beta is up ! And working like promised. Aida64 approaching to perfection with every release !
  11. It seems to be working. Thank you ! More extensive testing takes more time, but no problems so far. (Maybe it would be a good idea to put LCD pages under preferences on two separate rows like on keyboard, instead of all after each other, to avoid scrolling Like: |Page 6| |Page 7| |Page 8| |Page 9| |Page 1| |Page 2| |Page 3| |Page 4| |Page 5|
  12. Oh, sorry - my bad. I meant backlight color for keys. (It would be like switching to different tab sends signal to change keyboard backlight colour)
  13. How hard it would be to link different tabs to different keyboard background color for Razer Deathstalker Ultimate ?
  14. Ok, thanks. I will try that. In the mean time i have one more question about Aida64: is it possible to add more pages to LCD instead of four ? It is frustrating to have to delete a page to create a new page. Especially when having more than 100 carefully arranged items per page. Very cool would be the possibility to add pages as needed.
  15. Well.. it was a long shot anyway. For some reason i cannot see Razer forums - all topics are empty if i open them. Even after i reinstalled Windows and with different browsers. It is just weird. But thanks for answer.
  16. I ment easy way to switch back to Aida64 after using other apps. Like one click solution. I know i can hold down razer logo key and select Aida64 from recently used apps, but this is annoying. I hoped that there will be app for Aida64.
  17. Meh.. that's unfortunate. I guss i have to live with that then. At least it is not dangerous to the system, when all fans starting to rotate at maximum - cooling is better, only very noisy. I just have to restart their service time to time. Good to know it's not Aida64's fault. And now coming back to the start of this whole topic, is there any news from Razer about their app for Aida64 ?
  18. Hello again ! I have found another strange thing: there is some incompatibilities between Aida64 and Asus Fan Control service. (AsusFanControlService.exe) Sometimes all fans starting to spin at maximum rpm. It happens completely randomly. I have to restart this service manually. After searching from internet i have found other people in some forums with similar problem and almost every time they claim that turning off Aida64 helps - no more problem. As i understand, there might be some issues when more than one program is monitoring sensors, but i have turned off all monitoring from Asus prog
  19. Better something than nothing. At least it gives some idea what's going on.
  20. Yep. I have intel iGPU. (Core i7 3770 with intel HD Graphics 4000) I can only see its temperature, nothing more.
  21. Hi again ! I was wondering if it would be possible to show iGPU Utilization ?
  22. Will it be 4 sets of images for Dynamic Keys ? Like one set of images per screen ?
  23. ------[ AIDA64 Extreme v4.50.3016 Beta ]------ ------[ Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.18409 Service Pack 1 (64-bit) ]------ ------[ Motherboard Info ]------ Motherboard ID : 63-0100-000001-00101111-122211-Chipset$1APTC022_BIOS DATE: 05/10/13 10:47:43 VER: 20.03 Motherboard Model : Asus Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard Chipset : Intel Panther Point Z77, Intel Ivy Bridge DMI MB Manufacturer : ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. DMI MB Product : SABERTOOTH Z77 DMI MB Version : Rev 1.xx DMI MB Serial : MT7026K12905002 DMI SYS Manufacturer: System manufacturer DMI SYS Product : System Product Name DMI SYS V
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