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  1. Oh, and Mac - you can switch between recent apps on Deathstalker Ultimate LCD by holding down Razer button (the one with Razer logo next to tactile buttons)
  2. I had Logitech G19 and switched to Razer Deathstalker Ultimate - no regrets. The LCD is very sharp (800x480 pixels) and visibility is good vhen gaming. Just turn up brightness - the rest is up to you, how you design the layout. And it also has 9 LCD pages versus 4 pages on G19.
  3. Nice ! Thanks. Tried it and working perfectly now.
  4. Ok. But is there some kind of way to recreate previous behavior on hot-plug devices, because previous method was exactly like needed - item only appears when connected. For fans that are frequently stopped and started, i use static labels.
  5. Thank you very much ! I tried it and it is working ok now. Maybe it should move a bit faster though :-) One odd thing discovered with this beta: my external disk temperature item remains on LCD after removing external drive. (shows "temperature N/A C") This item used to disappear after removing drive.
  6. One question: when holding down arrow button to move items on my Razer lcd, the movement stops occasionally and i have to release arrow button and press it again to move further. Is it by design ?
  7. Hmm, but what about that - Aida64 is not always closing after startup - sometimes it stays operational. Can it be the order of startup programs ? If so, should Aida64 start last ?
  8. My security software is Avast Free Antivirus, only other software that is monitoring my system, is Asus AI Suite II.(Motherboard = Asus Sabertooth Z77) But AI Suite is only for fan speeds, monitoring is turned off under settings. And only other software that is using my Razer Deathstalker Ultimate, is Razer Synapse 2. Whether this iformation help to give a diagnosis ?
  9. Hi ! I have one strange problem with Aida64. Every time i start my computer, Aida64 also starts. But there is about 70 % chance that after some time (less than minute) Aida 64 closes itself. Strange is this, that sometimes it is not closing. So what are the trigers that can close Aida64 ?
  10. Ok. That is understandable. I suspected something like this. But... i have one more idea - profiles. I have had this idea for some time now, decided to share. Is it possible to create different profiles to different applications ? Or at least link designated *.exe files to different LCD pages ? (It would be like when i start some program - for example some benchmarking program - LCD jumps automatically to the page with necessary configuration (and back to previous page after program is closed))
  11. I have an idea: how about support for animated gifs on LCD and OSD? (or sequence of images) On certain occasions this would be very illustrative - for example when some temperature rises too high, burning animation will start. (or whatever animated image someone wants to show on that or any other occasion. (blinking warning sign, electricity warning sign for voltage, some animation for download and upload etc. - possibilities are limitless)
  12. Thanks ! Just tried it and everything is working fine. If i notice something odd, i will let you know.
  13. Thank you ! If only Micro$oft support was like this.
  14. Maybe - 800 pixels horizontally and - 480 vertically for Razer LCD ? Or is it easier to create negative values that are compatible with all LCDs - in that case maximum dimensions (in pixels) of largest density LCD that is supported would be ok. I guess more like -1000 pixels
  15. For example when using image for horizontal line that is originally the same length as LCD's width, then the best case scenario would be to be able to move this line to almost all the way to the left side of LCD. That would eliminate the need to create multiple images for multiple line lengths. Same goes for moving images out of the screen to upside. (negative Y axis) Moving images outside the screen to positive coordinates is possible, ability to move them into negative coordinates too would make many things easier. (Like creating box to top left corner from two lines, that can be reused to
  16. Just a thought - can you make it possible to move images on lcd into negative coordinates more than 5 pixels ? (for example horizontal lines, that i need to put from left side to a certain distance. I can make different length lines for different distances, but this is kind of annoying)
  17. I noticed new beta is up. Tried it and indeed, gauges are working now as intended, except one little thing: gauge's value is not in the middle of a gauge anymore, instead it is on top left corner. (It is showing middle when i click "modify" button and menu appears, but on lcd preview and on lcd itself gauge's value is located top left and is out of the gauges border)
  18. Tried newest beta- still the same. It happens only when using custom gauges. Built-in gauges working ok, but custom gauges showing all the same gauge, even if every sinle one is set to use different set of images.
  19. This is what i was affraid - unidentifiable bug. I have had this bug a long time, reinstalled windows, reinstalled Aida64, nothing helps. (Windows 7 64bit) For me it is like this: I have set Page 1> green gauge, Page 2> green gauge, Page 3> green gauge, Page 4 yellow gauge different style, Page 5> red gauge. But it shows me green gauge on all pages.
  20. Ok, this is understandable. But there is still one thing you can help with: when using custom gauges for example to show master volume level on Aida64 display, only gauge from first screen (page) is displayed on all pages, although i put different gauges on different pages. (When i display master volume on 4 different pages with 4 different design, only the first gauges design is showed on all pages) (i hope i'm not too annoying with all my requests and reports , i just want to help make things better for all, not just for myself)
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