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  1. Ok, thank you. For everyone who is interested - i discovered that Asus Fan Control Service can work without AI Suite 3. You start AI Suite 3, set fan speeds and then you close AI Suite 3 and remove it from startup. Fan profiles remain working !
  2. Yep - it was Asus AI Suite 3. After i disabled it from startup, RAM temperature reading seemed to stabilize. In the past there were no such problems with AI Suite's older version. (AI Suite II) I replaced motherboard and now i am using newer AI Suite as well - can it be that it is using resources differently than previous versions ? Or is it the motherboard ? Old motherboard was Asus Sabertooth Z77 (with Ai Suite II), new motherboard is Asus Z270 Mark 1 (with Ai Suite III). So there must be some weird difference that makes reading RAM temperature difficult. Can this be resolve
  3. Yes, i do have another software that can do this - it is Corsair Link, that controls this RAMs LED lights, but as i mentioned, even after closing Corsair Link, anomalous readings continued.
  4. Ok, i hope that one day i can see my M.2 status too. One more thing i forgot to mention - my RAM temperature reading is fluctuating sometimes. It shows different degrees: 216, 124, 43, N/A, 149, 34, 114, N/A, 3, 51, and so on ... It can happen in less than a minute, reading changes every two seconds sometimes. And sometimes it is stable for hours. I tried to disable Corsair Link, but that did not make any difference. I checked with a thermal camera and temperature seemed to be ok, it's the reading that is not ok. I do not overclock, but i use XMP profile. (RAM is Corsair Vengeance
  5. Oh, sorry i was too vague - i meant SMART status for each disk under LCD and OSD items. Like a bar or something. For now i can add just one SMART status on LCD but that does not indicate which disk is that. (for example - i have 6 disks) And is there any way to check the SMART status of the M.2 SSD ?
  6. Ok, good to know. Is it possible to add some kind of disk health indicator to Aida64 ?
  7. Thanks ! I will grill them more specifically about this. May I ask what did you do to get SSD to 100 degrees ? (so I can avoid such actions)
  8. Do you maybe know, what is the temperature that will certainly fry any SSD ?
  9. Yeah, i searched for firmware update but only thing that is available to download for this particular SSD, is Corsair Toolbox - and there is absolutely nothing that this toolbox can do for this drive. No Trim, no firmware update, not even S.M.A.R.T. information - uninstalled that useless program. So i guess i just have to wait and hope that my SSD wont burn. By the way - there is info on their website that says about this SSD: "Operating Temperature: 0°C to +65°C" - Could not figure out what they mean by this: is this the temperature of the environment, where this SSD can work or is this
  10. Thanks for quick answer. So the M.2 temperature is an anomaly - does this mean that the temperature really is not that high ?
  11. Hi ! Recently i upgraded my system - new motherboard, CPU, RAM and M.2 SSD After the upgrade I noticed few things: 1.) No more VRM 1 and VRM 2 temperatures - Where are they ? 2.) New temperature readings: "PCI-E #1", "PCI-E #2", "Temperature #1" and "Temperature #2" What are these ? 3.) My M.2 SSD (Corsair MP500 120GB) temperature reads 63-65 degrees celsius. Is that normal ?
  12. But how can these programs work that measure disk read and write speeds ? Or is it at least possible to determine whether disk reads or writes ? (no percentage, just what is going on) Something like - red light when it reads and green light when it writes. (or text or whatever is better)
  13. Hello ! Is it possible to show disk activity read and write separately ? Then it is possible to see if disk is being scanned (by antivirus) or encrypted by some ransomware. For now i can only see, if disk is active. If disk is active long time, it is always suspicious. Read-write detection could be very useful.
  14. Ok, thanks. No more questions for now. I just have to wait until Corsair Link sortware is made compatible with Aida64. Everything else regarding PSU (RM1000i) and Aida64 is working well for me.
  15. Ok, thanks for explaining. There is another thing - Aida64 reports two different temperature readings from my PSU (RM1000i) According to manufacturer there should be only one temperature sensor - Corsair Link also shows one temperature. What are the two temperatures, and which one is the right one ? (Power Supply #1, Power Suply #2)
  16. Hmm, so it is not the power that PSU draws from the wall. Corsair Link shows two different powers - incoming (draw from outlet) and outgoing (what computer is using) and difference between these two (efficiency). Can you make Aida64 do the same ?
  17. I have another question: What is the wattage that Aida64 reports from PSU - is it the power that computer uses or the power that PSU draws from the outlet ?
  18. Hi ! I have Corsair RM1000i PSU with Corsair Link 4 software. And i can not use this software with Aida64 - it crashes when Aida64 is running. I tried the latest beta but still problem. (i have Corsair Link sensor support option checked) On the bright side - i can see various readings from my PSU with Aida64. It's just the software itself that crash with Aida64. Can i do something about it ?
  19. Hmm... i think not many users read this topic. Maybe arrange some inquiry about aforementioned request ? (about activating .exe files with gauges)
  20. Ok, thanks for at least considering this. I hope that someone will read this topic
  21. Oh - what about the thing i mentioned earlier - about creating some dummy .exe files that could activate different profiles ? (link those files to different states of gauges) It would be like different png images for gauges, only not images but .exe files (1.exe; 2.exe; 3exe and so on.) Those .exe files should not do anything, they can be "empty". Synapse software can react to them and activate profiles then. Basically: If you could create sixteen .exe files and give Aida64 ability to choose them for custom gauge. For now ther can be png files for gauges custom images, but in future the
  22. Yep, confirmed: after i uninstalled Asmedia SATA Controller drivers, (and any other storage drivers) that are newest on Asus support page for my motherboard, and let windows find drivers for my HDDs, i can now untick "enable RAID SMART support" and all my temperatures are still showing. -Just for information if anyone encounters something similar.-
  23. Seems like not very good SDK then. Ok, i will think about it and let you know when some idea occurs.
  24. Sorry for delay, i did not check this topic for a while... I am not very familiar with SwitchBlade UI SDK, but one thing that comes to mind is that maybe it is somehow possible to link some sensor readings to certain Razer Synapse profile(s) ? Like for example when GPU temp. reaches 70 C, profile with red backlight activates, and after temp. lowers below 70 C, previous (or whatever designated) profile activates. For now - what activates different profiles are executable files, so what could be done is add some scripts to Aida64 that activate some dummy exe files on certain occasions. Or may
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