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GPU Ambient Temp: Latest beta build


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Thanks for the reply, so what's showing under gpu ambient on sensor panel then? It's different from gpu diode.

Maybe your particular GTX680 card does have a sensor chip -- while most GTX680 cards do not. Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Video Debug --> nVIDIA SMBus Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic. Using that dump we can check what's up about sensor chips and other readings on your video card ;)

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In theory the onboard CHiL CHL8266 power controller chip could also monitor a temperature reading (GPU VRM), but on GTX580 and GTX680 cards that reading is stuck at a fixed value, so AIDA64 doesn't display that temperature reading. I have no idea where GPU Memory could come from though :)

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Your card have 2 chips (Nuvoton and CHiL), and they provide 3 readings in total, but AIDA64 only shows the 2 readings for the Nuvoton chip. If you could post 2 new nVIDIA SMBus Dumps, one when the card is at idle and running relatively cool, and another one where the card is after a heavy load (like after running 3DMark or a 3D game), we could check the VRM temperature readings (provided by the CHiL chip), because there's a chance on your card that reading is not stuck like on most GTX580/GTX680 cards.

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