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Stress cache and stress GPU causes immediate restart


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Hi, I ran this program to determine why my new PC was crashing and restarting when I started playing a game. When I tick each box on the program individually it does the test no problem, plus with all other combinations - except when stress cache and stress GPU are ticked and started, this crashes it again.


Does that mean the memory is faulty or a GPU issue? Or perhaps compatibility


Many thanks

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It sounds a lot like a PSU (Power Supply Unit) failure to me.  If it's possible, try to get a new PSU.  Borrow it from a friend to make sure you don't spend too much on this issue if the PSU is not at fault afterall.  If the PSU is fine, then my second guess would be the motherboard: one of the capacitors may have given in.


But, before you start dealing with hardware issues, make sure to update the motherboard to the latest BIOS version, restore your settings to factory defaults (make sure your system is not overclocked), apply all Windows updates/hotfixes, and update your video driver to the latest version.




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