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Deleting Benchmark Results

B. A. Kenney

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I would like to know for all the benchmark results (FPU Julia, etc) that is there a way to trash all of the results that are not relevant to me and just keep track of the results that I want to see?

I am very picky about benchmark results.

Please tell me (ste by step) how I can remove all of the results in each benchmark under Benchmark and add my own results.

Thanks so much!

BTW, I love the new stable release! :)

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I think it is possible :) Please do the following:

1) Run AIDA64 Extreme Edition

2) Navigate to the Benchmark / CPU Queen page

3) Click on the Results button on the tool bar

4) Select "Show Reference Results". That should remove all reference results from the list. If you haven't yet saved any of your own results, then the benchmark results list will be emptied.

5) Then run one of the benchmarks as usual

6) When the benchmark is finished, click on the Results button on the tool bar

7) Select "Add Result to User List". Then you will start building your own results.

8) Later on, if you want to manage your saved results (e.g. delete one or more results), you can click on the Results button, and select "Manage User Results".



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