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Hitching and Sound skipping in Games

The Mac

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Did the previous beta (or v1.50 stable) have no such issues?

correct, however the sensors for CPU socket temp, fanspeeds and voltage were wrong in the previous beta/stable release.

win7 64bit btw.

also, kicking the polling interval for HDs up to 3600 does alleviate the symptoms.

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must be the intel drivers

strangely though, i don't have any issues in games or music with the default polling rate, and using IRST 10 in ahci mode.

i also updated to the newest IRST drivers on the intel site wich are newer than the Asus site but it didnt help.

what motherboard are you using? im using an Asus P8P67 Deluxe (p67 express chipset - Cougar Point) for sandy bridge

i believe the other guy with the same problem is also using P67 as well. Im sure its related.

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this other guys using the X58 chipset, i expect its the same raid controller though.

most likely, as the newest IRST pack doesnt even have 6 series listed but it installed and updated fine.

Got a couple extra megs in transfer out of HDtach out of the deal, so it was worth the experiment to try.

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