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More Logitech LCD Items Tabs


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How many tabs would you like to have?

Good question; at least two more.

Possibly another solution would be to allow the user to choose the number of tabs in Preferences\LCD so in addition to choosing the Background color he could select the number of tabs showing.

The current LCD Items screen looks like it could hold up to eight tabs in all so another solution would be to simply add four more tabs and be done with it.

Thanks so much;


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could work on a G15 as well, each page button switches between 2 tabs?

Squall Leonhart has a good point. In addition to my G19 I also have a G510 (similar to the G15) and a G13 Gaming Pad. The smaller screens can't hold as much information as the G19 screen. I tried my G510 & G13 and was surprised to see that the four Aida64 screens that I made for my G19 were actually showing up on both(although only the top part). Soooooo... Yes, by all means lets add as many new tabs as possibly so we can create screens for the smaller G13, G15 & G510 screens which will need more screens to cover all the information.


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