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Operating System reported wrongly


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Dear all,

I have installed Aida64 Extreme Edition (1.60.1300) on my Windows x64 machine. However, the report about the Operating System is completely wrong:

Operating System: Micrososft Windows XP Media Center Edition

OS Service Pack: Service Pack 3

However, according to Control-Panel it should be:

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional

OS Service Pack: (none)

Other items (eg concerning Motherboard, display etc) all seem to be correct. Also Computer Name, OS installation date etc. in the category Computer are correct - just the OS isn't.

This is a registered (life long license), purchase 2010-04-16. It had been installed on a fresh OS (no upgrade) on this machine with a previously empty HD and updated to the latest version today.

How come?

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Fiery,for your information the following screenshot:


I have pulled down the UAC slider to be able to autostart programs with that compatibility flag - may that have an influence?

My user account is of type Administrator.

Can You give me a hint where I could look for that 'compatibility information' (E.g. policy editor, REG key)?

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Well, task manager says: aida64.exe *32

I do not run it normally in compatibility (XP) mode, but also in this mode i have the same error. So there must be somewhere in my system a red flag (did not know that aida is a bull :D. Strange but not that a problem, because everything else seems to be correct.

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