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Ð’Ñем доброго времени Ñуток. Подкажите, еÑли кто решил проблему Ñледующую. AIDA64 неправильно читает Ñерийные номера модулей памти Kingston.  ЕÑÑ‚ÑŒ варианты "решить" проблему?

Ð’Ñем ÑпаÑибо.

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Please let us know what exactly the problem is about the serial number detection. What is the expected serial number, and what does AIDA64 show?

And if possible, please use English.



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    • By no1yak
      As the title says, no info for SPD in version Bata 5.97.4618. CPU-Z reports SPD ok.
    • By c2aku
      I just bought a new RAM and installed it on my laptop and opened AIDA64 and I found out that my new installed ram(KINGSTON) is not showing under SPD in motherboard drop-down menu but it is showing my older RAM(HYNIX)  which was previously installed.

      Guys I find no info about SPD in my aida software, I've had that problem since years ago, and I can't find the solution, please give me a tip
    • By c20
      I’ve recently acquired a Lenovo ThinkStation C20 (4263) system (Intel Tylersburg 5520).
      The dual-processor mainboard is equipped with six identical 4 GB RAM-Modules.
       The OS w10 pro x64 (10.0.15063.413 (Win10 RS2)) indicates 24 GB of Memory.
      AIDA64 indicates 24 GB of Memory in the Memory Tab, but the SPD information lists 12 GB (3 of 6 RAM-modules) only.
      May I ask if this is a bug or a feature?

    • By Garfunkel
      I don't know if it's because of my weird Motherboard
      My RAM is "Rendition" but the detected one is "Crucial"
      Here is their home page http://www.rendition.com/
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