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SensorPanel Move All Command


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My Sensor Panel is very complex with a LOT of items on it.


I often need to move multiple items from one location to another but there seems to be only one item at a time move command.


I would like to move multiple items at once such as the ability to insert a whole row or column of items at once so I can move blocks of items from one location to another.


What I am thinking of is something like MS Excels ability to insert/delete columns/rows of data so data can be quickly moved from onbe location to another.


Any thoughts?




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If you open the SensorPanel Manager (from the right-click context menu on the SensorPanel), in it you can select multiple items and move them together in any direction. You can also modify, hide, restore, and delete the selected items easily using the SensorPanel Manager.



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Thank you SOOOooo much, Fiery.


I use the Sensor Panel Manager all the time but totally missed the arrow keys to move multiple items as a group. THAT makes a really BIG difference & is VERY helpful.


The funny thing is I used the same feature when I was using the Logitech G19 LCD Panel manager but for some reason totally missed it on the Sensor Panel Manager... my bad.


Thanks again for the fast reply;


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