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Looking for a single bay USB LCD


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What is the cheapest option to get a USB controlled LCD dot matrix (240 x 64 pixels for example) display that fits a single 5.25" bay with no buttons or other gimmicks.

I also do not need a 5.25" mounting frame since my case is fully transparent and I would like it to stay that way.

So I just need a display on a PCB board that I can plug into an USB port and get data from Aida64 on it.

I ask this here because I'm getting tired of searching and not finding what I need.

Example pic:

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I don't know about the cheapest option for your specific requirements, but you've got the following options:

- AlphaCool 200x64: may be difficult to source

- Crystalfontz CFA835: $86

- Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon: $99.95

- picoLCD 256x64 Sideshow: $54.95 or $59.95

Maybe there's more, but those are the most well-known 5.25-inch form factor options that all work well with AIDA64. Note that even though Matrix Orbital GLK would technically work with AIDA64, it has a very slow update rate in gfx mode, so I wouldn't recommend that option at all. Matrix Orbital GX is a far better solution: it's got a very quick gfx update rate that works great with AIDA64.

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For that amount of money maybe I can take one of these: http://coldtearselectronics.wikispaces.com/USB+LCD+-+LCD+System+info and put it into the double 3.5" bays.

It would work out nice as the two slots make 102 x 50 mm and the display including the PCB is 69 x 50 mm

It costs 38$ including shipping which really is a bargain.


Question is if this display is supported by Aida64 directly or do I need to use the supplied 3rd party software to get the info from Aida (LcdSysInfo http://www.coldtears-electronics.com/images/LCDsysinfo.zip)

It is advertised as Aida64 / Everest compatible.


Also there are two versions of the LCD: One is and one is not compatible with GOverlay.

Which one to get?

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LCDsysinfo displays -- both the original version and the newer GOverlay -- is cheap for a reason. It is a very limited device that doesn't support direct bitmap image transfer/display via USB connection, and so it cannot be supported by AIDA64. Yes, it is possible to put AIDA64 measurements to LCDsysinfo displays, but only by using LCDsysinfo's own software solution that is a lot more constrained than AIDA64's own LCD module.

What makes more sophisticated displays more expensive is the underlying microcontroller that drives the display and makes it possible to transfer bitmap images over USB. Without that, the communication protocol could only support basic commands like "Display a letter A at X=2,Y=1 position" or so. You can display fancy text that way, but not full-blown graphics. Make sure to check every screen shots and other material that you can find about LCDsysinfo online, including the screen shots for their companion software that you use to configure the display. Also check this review:


There's a slim chance that LCDsysinfo would still fulfill your needs, and I don't mean to bash those devices at all. I just wanna make sure you don't fall into the trap of a low price tag ;)

BTW, we do have one piece of most of the USB-connected LCD devices out there in our R&D lab, including all those mentioned in this topic. So we do have a first-hand experience on the capabilities and constraints of all the LCD devices that AIDA64 supports.

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Thanks for the info.

I guess the display will work for me.

I dont really need any graphics, just temperature values and I guess it will look nice in those 3.5" bays which are useless anyway.


The software doesnt look any different than the mess Alphacool made with their devices before the developer mysteriously disappeared and their support forums shut down for a while.

Let's just hope it does not happen with this one as well ;)

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