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Missing Computers / Users

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We are trying to use the audit report with SQL to collect information about our systems...

When configuring the GPO (linked to ALL OU in our forest) the results are showing only the servers and/or Domain Admin users

All regular workstations and domain users are left out!

This is the command line (as directed by the user guide):

GPO > User Conf \ Pol \ Win Set \ Scr \ Logon

Name = %servershare%\aida64be.exe | Parameters = /r /database /audit /safe /silent

The connection to the DB is tested successfully and all SERVERS in the network are showing to the report, but none of the other computers/users do!

It's also common to have the user logging in and the AIDA64 app report crashing, but that is another issue that I have no idea why is happening (including the servers)...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Our first guess is that the variable “%servershare%†is not available when the program is run with user privileges. Could you please check if aida64.exe launches properly on the client computers (without report creation, that is using just %servershare%\aida64be.exe | Parameters = /safe /silent)? For example, you can check it in Task Manager.

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Hy, thank you for the reply!


Yes, they run fine, but somehow the database inclusion is failing...

I see the processes aida_rcs (32 bit) and aida64 (32) running without erros!


When accessing the network share form the computers they navigate and open files from the folder flawlessly! Any other hint?

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