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You can initialize the database using SQL Server Management Studio. You need to use the SQL schema file DB - SQL Server.sql that you can find in the AIDA64 installation ZIP package or its installation folder.



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The schema will initialize the database, so all you need is create an empty database (name it e.g. aida64), and then run the script. You may need to remove the first two dash characters to make sure the script would use the right database.

Please note that the SQL module of AIDA64 is designed for experienced SQL users -- that's why it's not documented too much :) If you're unsure about how to configure a SQL Server, then you may want to switch to creating CSV reports and use the Audit Manager and Change Manager based on CSV reports. It may be an easier way to collect and sort out reports.

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      Hello all!
      Is it possible with Aida64 Pro to send selected (or all) benchmarking information to a channel like a txt file, a database or serial port?
      I'm asking because I would like to create my own sensor panel with a Raspberry Pi for a home project. For this, I would need to send the Aida64 data somewhere, then the Raspberry Pi could grab all the info and parse it to:
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      Name = %servershare%\aida64be.exe | Parameters = /r /database /audit /safe /silent
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      Please i need help

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