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Wattage sensor?


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APC UPS language used for serial communication between the host computer and the UPS (aka the APC UPS Link Language) has been reverse engineered long time ago as you can see in this page: http://grox.net/man/ups/apcsmart.html and the result of this is the open tool called NUT http://www.networkupstools.org/ It is an opensource linux based client/server equivalent to powerchute network. There is also a windows port (not yet complete) called winnut http://www.csociety.org/~delpha/winnut/

The included tool by APC to monitor called powerchute is very poor because it cannot data log the voltage history and so we cannot spot voltage drops or spike easily. That's why it would be a power user feature to be able to monitor those sensors with Aida64.

Regards, int0x13

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