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Issues with latest AIDA64 and multi-GPU temperatures with ForceWare 275.27

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one of the users said he tried an older Everest build and the missing temps appeared.

That's normal, since Everest uses direct I2C communications. However, nVIDIA strongly advises against using direct I/O on GeForce 400 and GeForce 500 Series, so with AIDA64 we've switched to using the driver-level I2C I/O by default, via ForceWare's NVAPI layer. You can still switch back to the direct I/O with AIDA64 if you want --> AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability / disable the option called "nVIDIA GPU SMBus access through nVIDIA ForceWare", and restart AIDA64.

We've already started performing test runs using ForceWare 275.xx drivers. The new drivers seem to have a broken NVAPI I2C interface. We'll need a bit more time to find out more about the root of the problem, and to possibly implement a workaround.

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I am using AIDA64 1.70.1412 BETA and Forceware 275.27 BETA with two GTX460 cards in SLI and I can see both card's temperatures.

It's normal, since the NVAPI I2C layer issue only affects such GeForce cards that have an onboard sensor chip (e.g. ADT7473) and/or an onboard voltage regulator chip (e.g. Volterra). Anything below the top level (under GTX470/480/570/580/590) should still be fine.

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