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So whats unstable?


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I'm very new at OC and doing all this stress test.

I've just tried your software and I just cant get my head around on what would be unstable?

I've only tested it for 20 mins, tomorrow hopefuly i will leave it for a couple of hours. but in those 20 mins the only thing i saw was the CPU load going up and down sometimes (and also the temps). It is worth mentioning that i didnt close any of the background applications (antivirus, and 3rd apps), but i did stop using the pc.

But what i wonder is how do i know that my system is unstable? if it freezes completely or resets itself? or is the mere fact that the CPU didn't stay up at 100% all the time an indication that is not stable?. I would appreciate some guidance on how would i measure unstable.

Thank you =)

i got a score 45203 - 4x Core i7-965 Extreme HT 4166 MHz Asus Rampage II Extreme X58 Triple DDR3-1853 9-9-9-24 CR2

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Clear indication of instability is an unexpected system reset, system freeze (lockup), BSoD, or an error message displayed by the AIDA64 System Stability Test or Windows itself. AIDA64 System Stability Test should drive the CPU constantly at 100% all the time, but when slight drop is detected, it is in most cases caused by a background process. Having no constant 100% CPU load doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your hardware, or with your overclocking settings.

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I was not aware the stability test gave a score, how do I get it to display one?

It doesn't give any scores. But it may display an error message (and paint the window to red) when it detects a CPU or memory error.

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