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Weird temp reading in Aida64 and fan issues (Asus Crosshair VI Hero)

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Hi all, 

I am hoping that someone can help me with issues with my Asus Ch6 hero. 

I have 3 Noctua NF-F12 Industrial PPC 3K rpm fans connected to my motherboard 4-pin pwm fan header via 3 way 4-pin splitter. I did this because i want to run my fans at minimal rpm at idle and ramp up under load which is only possible via pwm signal and my fan controller doesn't have 4-pin pwm unfortunately.

Now, the problem is that no matter what setting i use, the fans stop spinning or they ramp up to 100% load all of a sudden for no reason at all and sometimes i can't even slow them down and i have to shut down my PC completely in order for them to behave like my preset in BIOS.

I tried without monitor software but it didn't help. It appears that whenever i try to monitor from the EC sensor it gets corrupted and i need to restart and reset the EC sensor again otherwise i am not able to monitor my system at all.. 

I really hope someone here could help me because this problem is present from my previous 990 FX rig and i still don't understand what is causing this. I provided as much info as i have as attachments. 


Thank you in advanced, 


Aida64 bug log.txt

weird readings.JPG

EC sensor with monitoring.png

Asus EC.png

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Thank you for answering. 

I already have the latest beta installed, So the workaround is just disabling this sensor? Motherboard and CPU temps are that EC sensor related temps? 

I tried disabling this sensor but the problem persist. I have same problem with hardwareinfo64.. I am trying to understand what is causing these problems so if i reinstall windows i don't get this problem again you see. I was hoping you could provide me some more information about this issue in order to eliminate this problem. 

Thank you. 

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    • By Hurricane28
      Hi all,
      This is the second thread i make about this issue as it appears that my previous thread is forgotten or something.. 
      I would like to get some help with problems i am having with the latest build of Aida64 extreme edition regarding my sensor problems which is caused by Aida64. 
      I would like to know why this is happening and maybe get some feedback on this matter in order to understand why this is happening in order to fix this issues. 
      I tried running the program with EC support enabled and disabled but both get the same results unfortunately. 
      As you can see in the pictures below temps are not as they should be and in in read write program under kolom 6 row 00 you can see that its reading from register 43 which doesn't even exist.. This is the fan controlling which causes my fans to ramp up to 100% and stay there until i restart or sometimes reset my system. 
      This only happens when i try to run Aida64, with or without EC sensor support. 
      thank you. 

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