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Weird temp reading in Aida64 and fan issues (Asus Crosshair VI Hero)


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Hi all, 

I am hoping that someone can help me with issues with my Asus Ch6 hero. 

I have 3 Noctua NF-F12 Industrial PPC 3K rpm fans connected to my motherboard 4-pin pwm fan header via 3 way 4-pin splitter. I did this because i want to run my fans at minimal rpm at idle and ramp up under load which is only possible via pwm signal and my fan controller doesn't have 4-pin pwm unfortunately.

Now, the problem is that no matter what setting i use, the fans stop spinning or they ramp up to 100% load all of a sudden for no reason at all and sometimes i can't even slow them down and i have to shut down my PC completely in order for them to behave like my preset in BIOS.

I tried without monitor software but it didn't help. It appears that whenever i try to monitor from the EC sensor it gets corrupted and i need to restart and reset the EC sensor again otherwise i am not able to monitor my system at all.. 

I really hope someone here could help me because this problem is present from my previous 990 FX rig and i still don't understand what is causing this. I provided as much info as i have as attachments. 


Thank you in advanced, 


Aida64 bug log.txt

weird readings.JPG

EC sensor with monitoring.png

Asus EC.png

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Thank you for answering. 

I already have the latest beta installed, So the workaround is just disabling this sensor? Motherboard and CPU temps are that EC sensor related temps? 

I tried disabling this sensor but the problem persist. I have same problem with hardwareinfo64.. I am trying to understand what is causing these problems so if i reinstall windows i don't get this problem again you see. I was hoping you could provide me some more information about this issue in order to eliminate this problem. 

Thank you. 

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