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Corsair Commander Pro conflict


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Just bought a Corsair Commander Pro - attached 5 case fans to it (works fine) - but when i try to run Aida64 stability test, or go to preferences in Aida, corsair link loses contact with the fans.

I have to exit Aida64, and relaunch Corsair Link to get readings and control with the fans again.

Running Aida64 Extreme - 5.95

Any fixes for this behavior?

Thanks! :)



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Corsair Link  (or any in the 4.9.xx series).  Yes, Corsair has some issues to fix there.  It is not limited to AIDA or other monitoring programs.  Their own Link program will lose the fans connected to the Commander Pro even without AIDA, HWINFO, etc.  If you can, roll back to  This was before the current issues began and is compatible with seemingly everything else.  However, if you have brand new RGB stuff from them (LL, ML-RGB fans, etc.), the older version may not work for those.

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