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[Sold] ER-OLEDM032 (SSD1322) 3.2" OLED USB interface


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Last year, I was looking for a display to show different information on my home theather computer.

I wanted a display to fit in a 5" 1/4 bay and no LCD technology as I don't want backlight that lights all my room when I watch a movie (high contrast required).

Then I discovered the 3.2" monochrome OLED display  ER-OLEDM032 based on SSD1322 chip. Support in Aida64 was implemented by Fiery.

It looks great! Infinite contrast of OLED technology is perfect.




4 different models exist for 4 different colours.



White (what I chose):

And yellow:


4 protocols are available. Protocol to be used is set using bridges on the display PCB.

  • 6800 8-bit parallel
  • 8080 8-bit parallel
  • 3 wires SPI
  • 4 wires SPI

6800 and 8080 are obsolete as we don't use anymore parallel port. I chose 4 wires SPI rather than 3 wires SPI because communication speed is a bit higher.

To convert USB to 4 wires SPI, I used a FTDI UM232H-B-WE breakout module based on chip FT232H.


Here is the schematic of connections between USB breakout module and OLED display:



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The breakout module UM232H-B-WE works very well and was perfect for testing purpose, but now it's time to have something more professional.

I started to design a PCB to replace the UM232H-B-WE breakout module, still based on chip FT232H. PCB size will be same as the display and directly plug on the 16 pins connector. Fixing holes are same as the display. It will have a USB type B connector.

Side connected to the OLED display:

Side with USB connector (connector not displayed on the rendering):1325989218_layer2.thumb.PNG.d29ad9e1fc9ee0d29cf4d19a7e6ddcad.PNG

Here is the schematic: Schematic ER-OLED032-1 USB interface v1.0.pdf
Please note that this schematic is not tested yet!

I ordered 10 PCBs and components. I'm waiting the delivery.
2 samples will be for Fiery for future tests with Aida64.
If test is successful, I will certainly sell remaining 8 samples.

I will update this page during construction of samples and testing.

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8 interfaces are available! All were tested:
Price per unit (without OLED screen): 26,68€ (without shipping)

If you want, I can provide you interface + OLED display assembled:
Price per unit (with OLED screen): 55,55€ (without shipping)

As described in my first post, 4 OLED colors are available : white, blue, green and yellow.

Payement by Paypal.

See you,

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5 hours ago, btmouse said:

I am in China,  afraid that the freight is more expensive than the product.:(

In your particular case IMHO it would be cheaper to buy the list of components for this display locally, and hire a local professional to build it for you.  If he does everything by the book, AIDA64 will work with the display right away.

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