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New RST makes SSD temp disappear


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I installed the BETA Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers, because it (supposedly) supports TRIM on RAID.

However, I then lose the temperature monitoring in Sensor Panel for my SSDs.

Doing a System Restore back to RST returns the temperature monitoring.

I know the is BETA, but is there a way to fix this in AIDA64?

Thanks, and keep up the excellent work.

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I am trying to get a new motherboard BIOS that includes the latest Intel RAID OROM. Will that have any effect?

I don't think so. AIDA64 relies on the Intel RST drivers, so only a driver change would have an effect on the RAID enumeration of AIDA64.

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and if you're still checking back now and then Arctucas, is now available

Thank you, but yes, I have trying to get it properly installed all morning.

Eventually, I went back to the 1149 until a proper installer is provided.

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@Squall Leonhart,

Well, I tried that, installing over, and although the drivers (iaStorA.sys and iaStorF.sys) were installed (as reported by Device Manager and confirmed in the System32/drivers folder), Task Manager and the RST GUI both indicated

I tried uninstalling completely and then installing both manually through Device Manager, and by running DPInst. Again, the drivers were installed in the System32/drivers folder, were reported by Device Manager, but the RST Service did not run, did not appear in Task Manager, nor did I have any RST GUI.

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But the IAStor Service should be running, no?

With 1153 installed over top of 1149, the Service is still 1149.

If previous versions of RST are uninstalled, and 1153 the installed, no IAStor Service runs, nor have I seen any application associated with RST running, which leads me to believe that although the drivers are installed, no RST management of my array is occurring.

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the service is part of the GUI (C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe)

The beta pack available only updates the driver components.

Barring any changes to the driver functionality wise (other then the changes to SPTI and SMART routines), the older UI/Service executables are fully compatible with the new driver

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