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Bluetooth battery level tracking~


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I am currently using 2 devices that connect via bluetooth ("Keychron K3" Keyboard & "Samsung Galaxy buds +" Headphones)

I am also using a device that connects via 2.4Ghz wireless ("Glorious Model O wireless" Mouse)

I am wondering if it would be possible to display the battery life of these devices on my AIDA64 readout.

For Bluetooth devices in general the battery info can be read by this software https://www.bluetoothgoodies.com/

And for the mouse it can be read by the "Glorious Core" software from its manufacturer https://www.pcgamingrace.com/pages/glorious-core-changelog


I am hoping to add some battery level indicators on my system info panel for all of my wireless devices, and this would be really cool if it's possible.
Sorry if it's been posted before/ a known issue, but I only saw some really old posts not able to provide any relevant software that offers the monitoring they are askign for - so I made sure I have some available.

Teebs <3

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