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Graphing thoughts

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Firstly, let me say I love SensorPanel :wub:

And I know i tend to treat the darn thing as if it were my personal toy with all my silly comments :(

And understanding my propensity to frustrate, I would still like to discuss a point about the graphing module :(

In graphing my download activity, which runs from 0 to 1000KB/s, I find most of that activity falls at the low end, and with such a large scale is generally a flat-line at the bottom.

So I thought I would overlay 2 graphs:

1 - from 0 to 150KB/s

2 - from 150 to 1000KB/s

The intent being the first displays activity up to 150KB/s and anything above that, being outside the defined graph area would get clipped, while the second graph would then take off at the 150KB/s rate.

It works well, except the graph lines are not constrained to the graph area.

Edit: (attachment deleted)

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Not sure if this is a permanent or temporary fix, but I addressed my runaway graphing issue by cutting a hole the size of the graph in the background panel where I had the graph displayed, and then moving the graphing components to the top of the list to print behind the background panel.

Edit: {attachment deleted)

It works fine :)

Edit: {attachment deleted)

I currently have 3 ranges for both up and down.

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Such situations when the graph line cannot fit the graph area is only allowed now to avoid confusions at such users who improperly configure the area limits. It would be confusing if you couldn't see the graph at all because e.g. you configured a too low maximum limit. But of course it's not normal to use such limits that you do, and it's even less common to put more graphs into a single graph area the way you do :) But I'm glad you solved it, because currently the SensorPanel hasn't got such wide range of configuration options to cater for such power-user requirements that your usage scenario means ;) Quite frankly, you're a very creative person ;)



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I accept my spanking in the spirit it was given :rolleyes:

I understand the need to keep the SensorPanel useable by those who do not have the time to become proficient in all the finer aspects of it's use, and to that end I have a concept for consideration.

Have an Auto-Scaling option, selected by default, that scales to the highest value in the displayable history. This would keep the graph on scale and in a viewable range. The user need not be concerned what so ever about the scaling values.

The current Max/Min fields would then be greyed out, unless the Manual-Scaling option is selected.

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We've implemented the requested Auto-scale option for the SensorPanel graph object. Please upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Let me know how it works ;)

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Wonderful, much better than the multi-scale solution I was using... no vertical slashes as the graph runs through lower level scales.

Edit: {attachment deleted)

The up and down arrows give an indication of up/down speed by filling in, in 3 preset ranges/steps.

Thank you :)

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There appears to be a minor scaling issue with the auto-scale function.

Edit: {attachments deleted)

The lower scale should have been zero, but at 1 the actual value is less and plots below the graph area

In the 3rd sample it also runs above the graph area

My panel to check for user errors

Edit: {attachment deleted)

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I've watched it for a day or so now and saw nothing go below the graph area, but did see an instance of graphing above the graph area. I took a screenshot, but seem to have misplaced it. If it comes up again I'll try to get a screenshot.

Edit: a couple shots of minor graphing extension above the graph area

(attachments deleted)

In both cases I have the graph range displayed for the graph outside the plot boundaries.

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