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Windows 11, SensorPanel won't stay on top of windows taskbar


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On Windows 11, SensorPanel won't stay on top of windows taskbar, but get hidden behind it, as soon as you switch to another application (all needed options like "Always on top" , "Prevent form being minimized" etc. checked). 

Windows 11 build version 22000.258
Aida64 version 6.50.5800

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Are you using a LCD panel of some kind? I have this problem at times if I have not perfectly centered the image in the panel I use.

I find an open area in the panel and right click, it will create a yellow dot border around the Aida64 panel. Use that as a guide to place it perfectly, I never see the taskbar when I do that.

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Thanks, yes, I am just planning to have it "embedded" on the Windows taskbar, to have quick stats always visible. So I hope it is a fixable bug on AIDA64s end, as it is possible to have on top of taskbar, as long as AIDA64 application is in "focus".
When that said, I know Windows 11 is very immature, a lot of people having different problems with the OS at this stage, so maybe not something AIDA64 team can do anything about anyway, if the problem might be due to Win 11s taskbar behaviour. Let's see if I get a reply in the thread :)

Here is a screenshot of how it looks when "working":


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Same problem. It comes up in a variety of scenarios when Explorer needs to recalculate the layout for the Taskbar.

  • In Settings toggle the setting for "show application icons on the taskbar where the window is"
  • Coming out of sleep
  • Probably others

For now I've created a custom C# app that finds the sensor panel window every 5 seconds using win32 api and sets the window to top most. Working on a better solution to detect when the sensor panel is no longer top most and sets it. It's still messy, but I'm so tired of looking over at it and the taskbar is covering the bottom. Mine is on a 12" LCD with 1920x515 res, and the panel is supposed to take up the entire screen.

I'm also going to explore hiding the taskbar on that screen altogether.



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On 26.04.2022 at 22:24, Nick Lechnowskyj said:

Та же проблема. Это происходит в различных сценариях, когда проводнику необходимо пересчитать макет панели задач.

  • В настройках переключите параметр «показывать значки приложений на панели задач, где находится окно».
  • Выход из сна
  • Возможно другие

На данный момент я создал пользовательское приложение C#, которое находит окно сенсорной панели каждые 5 секунд с помощью win32 API и устанавливает окно в самое верхнее положение. Работаем над лучшим решением, чтобы определить, когда сенсорная панель больше не находится сверху, и установить ее. Это все еще грязно, но я так устал смотреть на него, и панель задач закрывает дно. У меня 12-дюймовый ЖК-дисплей с разрешением 1920x515, и панель должна занимать весь экран.

Я также собираюсь полностью скрыть панель задач на этом экране.



Hello! Can you share your app please?

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