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APC UPS wear level


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As I remember everest can show wear level for APC UPS, but aida64 doesn't show this anymore. I have an APC Backup UPS 700ES connected on usb port.

I did not know that, I wonder if it works for my Back-UPS RS 1500 LCD?

The UPS appears in the Computer/Power Management/Battery Properties page, and under Power Management Properties/Full Battery Lifetime is says 'Unknown', Remaining Battery Lifetime also says 'Unknown'.

Anyway, here is mine:

Field Value

Power Management Properties

Current Power Source AC Line

Battery Status 100 % (High Level)

Full Battery Lifetime Unknown

Remaining Battery Lifetime Unknown

Battery Properties

Device Name Back-UPS RS 1500 LCD FW:839.H10 .D USB FW:H10

Manufacturer American Power Conversion

Manufacture Date 1/11/2010

Serial Number 3B1003X07215

Unique ID 3B1003X07215 American Power ConversionBack-UPS RS 1500 LCD FW:839.H10 .D USB FW:H10

Battery Type Rechargeable PbAc

Voltage 27400 mV

Power State AC Line

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Some UPS report those values (e.g. Full Battery Lifetime), some don't. Some UPS will report more values when they're offline (not plugged into A/C power). Try to disconnect the UPS from A/C power, wait for 10 seconds, and see how the values on AIDA64 Power Management page change.

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