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FPS display support


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I can't get RTSS to work, no game will display the FPS, I'm using Windows 11 and afterburner but after installing the new drives from AMD afterburner will not work correctly. if anyone has any ideas on how to get this to work that be great.


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After reading the posts here, I revisited RTSS (latest release), and it worked. I have it running in silent mode and AIDA64 is picking up FPS just fine... so far. No crashes unlike last time.

This is on Win11 21H2 Build 22000.739

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Hi, I have the same problem as Mordies. 

On Windows 10 it worked just fine. then I moved from win10 to Win 11 and probably something residual from Win10 enabled it to work. 

yesterday I did a clean install of win11 and I cant get it running. No OSD, no FPS reading nothing. RTSS will send only some data - I believe it is a dummy feed from its new overlay editor. 

It does not work on steam nor Epic games. 

I have like Mordies AMD setup. 

I did try to reinstall several times Afterburner and RTSS, install last known working versions, run it as admin, run it in compatibility modes, turn off Steam overlays and nothing. 

Unlinke Mordies I need to have also an MSI afterburner as it is the only SW able to reliably control GPU's fan curve not like AMD's Adrenaline which will revert to default on every restart. 

Is there any "hidden prerequisite" for Win11? Like plugins, C++ runtimes or enytling else, which is not part of default windows?

Thanks a lot 

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(RTSS FPS) - Do you need to install Afterburner to get FPS (Intel) I have Riva Tuner installed but not Afterburner. No FPS showing up on monitor. I have my second monitor hdmi plugged  into my onboard graphics. (main monitor in to 3080 card) 

Can someone shed some light on my issue. I am new to this ADIA64 software and this is my second build.

Its working!

after reboot. 

best M 

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I have followed all of the above advice and have yet to see FPS work. Windows 11, Afterburner + Rivatuner...I have even gone as far as deleting the AMD Adrenaline software and installing the video driver only. Not certain what to try next. I have had games running and minimized.


Edit - Not certain what has changed other than a fresh OS install, but it is now working.  :rolleyes:




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