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lifetime license?


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Actually, usage period is not limited in AIDA64 licenses. What's limited is the maintenance (support) period, the time until you can upgrade to newer releases of AIDA64. The regular AIDA64 license covers 1 year maintenance, so for 1 year you can benefit from updating to new AIDA64 releases, and you receive free technical support as well. After that period expires, you can still use the last AIDA64 version you could upgrade to, for an unlimited time.

So for example, if you bought a 1-year license in September 2011, you got AIDA64 v1.85 with that purchase. You could then upgrade to AIDA64 v2.00, v2.20, v2.30, v2.50 and v2.60 free of charge. And you can keep using AIDA64 v2.60 for an unlimited time, but you cannot upgrade to future releases of AIDA64 v2.70, v3.00, v4.00 (etc) anymore.

Please note that there're longer maintenance period licenses, for 2 years and for 3 years, with considerable discounts compared to the price of the 1-year license. It's also possible to renew (extend) an existing AIDA64 license at 70% of the new license prices.

More info at:




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thanks for your fast response.

I was looking for a license with lifetime maintenance.

all other softwaretools i'm using have the option to purchase a license with lifetime maintenance.

I'm sorry, but we don't offer such license. BTW, even Windows itself has no such license ;) Also, most anti-virus and security software have no lifetime license.

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Hi Fiery,

I did not renew my 1 year license in time and have to pay the full price for it again.

You don't have to. You can renew an old, expired license anytime.

Any possible lifetime maintenance to be expected (I will probably use aida64 till I die and I often upgrade my hw ^^)?

We currently have no plans to introduce a lifetime license.

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