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  1. AIDA64.REG.INI file is created and updated when you have the option NoRegistry enabled in the AIDA64.INI settings file. In that case AIDA64.REG.INI acts as a proxy for Registry, hence it's normal that it's being updated frequently.
  2. Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> ISA Sensor Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first. If you know it, then please also let us know the correct motherboard model for your computer. Thanks, Fiery
  3. The issue has been fixed in the latest AIDA64 for Android app update of v1.78 which is already available in the Play Store.
  4. What do you by "it doesn't update" ?
  5. It means the sensor cannot provide temperature readings, but maybe capable of protecting the memory module from overheating.
  6. It could be a number of issues, e.g. motherboard failure, PSU failure, weak PSU, etc. It's hard to tell, so you may want to take your PC to a local specialist and have it checked out.
  7. That's not the latest AIDA64. Make sure to upgrade to AIDA64 v6.33: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xe
  8. Please disable (uncheck) the option SMBus access through ACPI in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability. Also enable (check) the option DIMM thermal sensor support on the same page. After you've done with that, restart AIDA64 to apply the changes. SPD information should now be listed properly. You can check the Computer / Sensor page of AIDA64 to find out whether your memory modules provide thermal readings.
  9. You should try AIDA64 Business. The notification part is a bit tricky, so make sure to use the 30-day trial period to find out whether it suits your needs. Prices start at $199.9: https://www.aida64.com/online-store
  10. I'm afraid no, it's not possible to monitor multiple PC's on a single display.
  11. AIDA64 does support multiple LCDs from a different kind (like one Samsung and an AlphaCool), but multiple Samsung SPF displays cannot be used the same time.
  12. I don't think so. Unless you can manage to connect the display to your computer via a HDMI connection to make it work like a regular PC monitor.
  13. Thank you, the issue will be fixed in the next AIDA64 for Android app update due in a few days from now.
  14. Fiery


    Please note that in order to detect the missing details, the camera ID information had to be previously encoded into the Android profile of the device. When the manufacturer of the device didn't encode the info there or decides to remove the information after a firmware update, then sysinfo apps cannot read or detect it.
  15. We've recently revamped the EC communication layer of AIDA64, and it indeed fixed the stuttering issue on a bunch of Asus motherboards. Give it a try: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xe
  16. Currently pressure and water quality items cannot be added to the SensorPanel since there's no hardware monitoring item group defined for those kinds of pecular and in some ways quite special measurements.
  17. I'm not sure what exactly do you have in mind. Can you please explain with more details what you're looking for to achieve using AIDA64?
  18. Do you have the Hot Keys feature of AIDA64 activated?
  19. Can you please post a screenshot of the Sensors window of HWiNFO64, showing the section where it shows the GPU VRM thermal reading?
  20. Try to use the AIDA64 System Stability Test with only the FPU subtest enabled (checked). That will put more thermal stress on the system, and cause your processor to draw the most power from the PSU.
  21. Thank you! We do try to poll EVGA iCX chips for all available sensor readings. EVGA may not want to read and show all those readings in their own software though.
  22. Have you tried it with a different web browser client? We'll check if it's possible to assign an IP address to the RemoteSensor web server.
  23. We've checked it by installing the Let's go Digital font using Windows Font Manager (Windows 10 64-bit) and worked flawlessly.
  24. 1) Can you experience the same issue if you don't start Gigabyte SIV? 2) Do you think the issue is related to the computer going to sleep and resuming back from it, or it happens randomly even without the computer going to sleep? 3) What Gigabyte motherboard do you have?
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