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  1. On 3/20/2021 at 3:29 PM, Hittman said:

    Sorry to hijack thread, but I wanted to report that this hang event was not only impacting systems with odospace installed.   I have a new EVGA SR-3 with the Intel Xeon W-3175x.  When running the sensor panel on a 3rd HDMI monitor the system randomly hangs while idle.  I can run 3DMark for hours but as soon as the system is idle the system will hang at random intervals.  I have installed the latest Beta version downloaded this morning and the problem persists.  I am running a pair of EVGA Titans at the moment.  I will test again when the EVGA 3090 FTW3 Hydro Copper gets here next week.  The system seems stable with Aida64 running as long as the sensor panel is not running.

    Try to check it with AIDA64 v6.33 (latest version) as well.  Your motherboard uses a very particular sensor solution, so let's start with that.  Do you have any other monitoring software (either made by EVGA or a 3rd party) running in the background that may collide with AIDA64?

  2. On 4/18/2021 at 4:12 AM, Ghryst said:

    "We used to offer the 1 PC license for the same starting price of $39.95.  So we haven't raised the price, but raised the number of licenses you get for the same price."
    now almost double that in only 4 years.
    you could be gaining SO MANY MORE CUSTOMERS, for the same development price, if you would price your product reasonably.
    most monitoring software is free, aid64 IS better, so it justifies a charge, but NOT almost the price of an AAA game that has 100's of developers working on it.
    in 2021, for the reasons above, $10-$15 IS reasonable, and the reason i will not purchase at the currently almost $60 pricetag, for home users, PER YEAR. 
    maybe you need to change your business model to fit the market?

    I appreciate your post, and you have a number of valid points there, but what you quote ("$60 pricetag ... PER YEAR") is not correct.  We reserve the right to set our prices at a level where we believe the value of our software is, and what justifies the efforts and resources we've been investing into this software since 1995.  You on the other hand have the right to choose a different software if you deem our prices unacceptable or unjustified.  The fact that you're so passionate about our pricing and you put time and efforts into posting into this forum however indicates to me that you actually like our software and dedicated to continuing to be a part of our journey.  Because of that reason I'll send you a private message about some further stuff ;)

  3. 4 hours ago, 1usmus said:

    Why do you block global PCI mutex during memory throughput testing? 
    Why do you always have the cache tested not by the best core, but always by the 0? Perfect pattern for Intel and disgusting for AMD.

    1) Do you mean the Global\\Access_PCI mutex?

    2) I'm confused. Do you mean the throughput (bandwidth) benchmark for the caches or the cache latency benchmark?  And what CPU do you think we measure an incorrect performance of and by what margin?

    3) Are you the author of Ryzen Tweaker? :)

  4. 7 hours ago, Largeone299us said:

    Why can I not get the panel lock size to just lock the damn size. Please help. I have done the DPI settings item. I have done the scaling for different monitors thing. Every time I get any sort of update to a driver any where on the damn PC this software destroys all the work I put into making the sensor panel. It shifts everything off the screen I spent hours making and changes the size to whatever number it feels like no matter what I set the lock to. In fact if I open a panel that I know I had saved as 1024 by 600, it resizes it to 1564 by something every time. Please can someone tell me what to do to fix it.


    Please avoid posting a single issue into multiple topics.  I've replied you in your other topic. This topic is closed.

  5. 7 hours ago, Chris Swann said:

    I know it's Aida64 because if I close the program down the problem stops. 

    The problems occurs when I right click anything to do with the desktop. So, an example, if I create a new folder on the desktop, the new folder icon normally automatically allows me to rename it. However when Aida64 is running it only allows me to type for a few seconds. It’s like someone is clicking off of the icon to cancel the renaming,

    I use Aida for the sensor panel.

    I have tried several things. I have uninstalled Aida64 and them reinstalled it. I have rolled back to a previous version and the problem is still there.

    That is caused by the always-on-top SensorPanel setting.  When you press a right-click on Windows Desktop, Windows 10 (for whatever reason) take away the always-on-top state of the SensorPanel window.  AIDA64 will then regularly have to check if the always-on-top setting is still enabled for the SensorPanel; and when it's no longer enabled, it will reclaim it.  That's when Windows 10 (again, for some mysterious reason) hides the right-click context menu.  Other than making the check for always-on-top setting less frequent, we couldn't find a workaround for this issue so far :(

  6. 7 hours ago, The Mac said:

    Which of the 3 CPU sensors is the one i should be watching for throttling (cpu, package or diode)?  They all report different temps.

    None of them seem to match what ryzen master reports.  Supposedly thats the one that throttles at 90 degrees.

    Ryzen 5800x....

    Ryzen Master uses averaging and post-processing of thermal readings while AIDA64 reports the direct and immediate temperature readouts.  We believe it makes no sense to process the thermal readings and make them artifically "feel" or look different to the immediate readings.

    AFAIK throttling in the sense we're used to that term on Intel processors is not implemented in AMD processors.  I suppose what you refer to is the way Ryzen processors alter their own CPU core clock frequency depending on the actual thermal state.  If you mean that, then it'd useful to try the AIDA64 System Stability Test and watch the 3 thermal readings along with the current CPU core clock frequency in order to find out which one is the one you're looking for.

    We've designed the Unified tab of the System Stability Test to let you put both thermal readings and clock frequency measurements on a single graph.

  7. 22 hours ago, Ridingmac said:


    I have a corsair H150i  has a CPU cooler. Aida64 show pump rpm and only 2 or the 3 fans. RTSS and HWinfo64 do however have all 3 fans and i would like my sensor panel to display all 3 fans. Is there a way to add either RTSS or HWinfo64 sensor data to Aida64 extreme? If so can someone point me in the right direction to a tutorial/documentation on how to do this?


    Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> System Debug --> USB Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first.


  8. On 3/18/2021 at 5:53 AM, kombi said:

    Hello everyone, I am trying to write a small tool that reads hardware information from the shared memory of AIDA64. I use python's MMAP library to operate.I found that mmap can obtain the target XML text when reading, but errors often occur during the XML parsing in the subsequent steps.The manifestation of this error is that the XML parser often cannot find a properly closed tag.In manual inspection, I found that this kind of error can be manifested as follows:

    1.<pwr>**********</pwr> wr>



    These errors look like I am reading while AIDA64 is writing to the shared memory area. The data read in this way is not a complete frame(Therefore, the structure of the data as XML may not be complete due to misalignment and other reasons).

    The test code I used for reading is as follows:

            with mmap.mmap(fileno=-1, length=12288, tagname="AIDA64_SensorValues") as AIDA64data:
                string = AIDA64data.read().strip(b"\0").decode(encoding="gbk")
                string = f"<AIDA64>{string}</AIDA64>"
                dict_xml = xmltodict.parse(string)
        except Exception as e:

    Does AIDA64 provide a function that shows a locked state when it accesses shared memory?Or is there a way to avoid reading while writing?

    I am a rookie programmer, maybe this problem can be realized by using some advanced functions of the program, please help me, thanks! :)

    We don't use locking for our shared memory, but we also haven't got any complaints about it working incorrectly.  When we use OpenFileMapping / MapViewOfFile, no such anomaly occurs at all.

  9. On 3/19/2021 at 9:44 AM, Bjoern_GMX said:

    Please add the CPU readings of:

    Fclk, Uclk, Mclk 

    and makes us able to add them to the sensor panel.

    As well as:

    Gpu memory Temperature

    Of AMD Radeon RX6000 series.


    With HWinfo i can read/log them.

    But why not with AIDA?




    We're working on it.  Meanwhile, please avoid posting a single issue into multiple topics.  I've removed your other topic.

  10. On 3/21/2021 at 4:07 PM, paradox37 said:

    I just noticed a little strange behavior of sensors panel. It seems displaying of temperature of my disks is order dependent. I keep two disks in my PC, one M2 and one SSD.

    SensorPanel is configured to display temperature of those disks.

    Samsung 960 EVO - label Samsung

    Crucial CT500MX - label Crucial

    But, from time to time, I hot-plug my HDD since my PC case supports it. And then SensorPanel starts to show the temperature of the disk I just plugged in.

    Labels stays the same, but source of temperature changes. So, label Samsung starts to show temperature of HDD I just plugged in, and Crucial label start to show temperature of Samsung label. When I unplug the HDD, temperature sources are back to normal.

    Can this be fixed? It is strange that this SensorPanel does not use some ID for device and not order.

    It's quite complicated, since the order is determined by the type of device first and then the order (index) inside a particular device group.  Usually external drives appear in the last group to avoid the issues you've described.  Maybe your drive appears as an internal drive even though it's an external one?  We'd need to have a better understanding of what's going on about that in order to fix this.  Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Disk Debug --> SMART Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first.

    Please create 2 dumps, one with the HDD hot-plugged and another one when it's missing (disconnected) from your system.


  11. 11 hours ago, S41nT said:

    Hey there, 

    aida is messing my framtimes up. I run now the newest version. Same problem exist in the old version. So the problem is not fixed yet.

    My System:

    ROG Maximus Formula XI 
    Intel 9900k 
    32 GB Trident Z Royal 
    ROG RTX 3090 Strix OC 

    Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> Sensor Debug --> Sensor Profiling Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first.


  12. 8 hours ago, Nereus said:

    Questions regarding AIDA64 Extreme and Corsair Commander Pro compatibility:

    1. It appears that AIDA64 *will* see fan RPMs for fans that are plugged into Commander Pro fan headers, providing Corsair Link Sensor Support is enabled in AIDA64, is that correct?
    2. Unclear on the following question: Will AIDA64 continue to read fan RPMs plugged into Commander Pro if Corsair iCue software is on - it seems kind of pointless having a Commander Pro unit if iCue isn't on to make use of it, particularly when some RGB components depend on iCue being on in order to display as intended (and for fan curves too obviously).
    3. Also unclear if AIDA64 will see thermal temp readings (like water temp) that are plugged into Commander Pro - and the same compatibility issues above about iCue being on/off?

    I asked in an old existing thread but no response. Amazed if Corsair still aren't providing a hook after years of this being an issue.

    Appreciate any help on this.


    1) Yes, correct.

    2) iCUE and 3rd party monitoring software don't work together, but it depends on the actual situation and devices in question whether the issue is minor or major.  You need to exploit the 30-day trial period that we provide for AIDA64 in order to find out that on your particular configuration how deep the synchronization issue is.  We'd be happy to work on it, but as I've explained in other forum threads, the ball is now rolling at Corsair's and they don't seem to want to play the game with anyone :(

    3) Without iCUE AIDA64 can read up to 4 thermal measurements from Commander Pro.  With iCUE, well, you gotta see and test it out.  Such complicated situations are why we offer a trial period so you can verify if AIDA64 suits your needs on your actual system.

  13. 8 hours ago, Static said:

    I checked the hide senor panel box when I locked my panel in place on my 7'' LED screen. Now my senor panel is hidden on my 7'' LED screen how do I get back the display of all my gauges and such?

    In the latest AIDA64 version of 6.33, there's a Reset Position button in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / SensorPanel.  When you press it, AIDA64 will move the SensorPanel to the center of its Preferences window.

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