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  1. i should mention, i've also seen this on other Intel systems, those being 2 Pentium dual core notebooks, and also on a amd laptop while sitting on the memory tab, so i can't really tell whats going on. Maybe whatever function to access the page file stats is tripping windows up eventually?
  2. Complete removing the driver also requires some registry work, as the driver installs a lowerfilter that is not removable via the limited inf uninstallation capabilities
  3. Usually about the 75% mark, windows starts to aggressively page out what it can in pre-empt of more memory being needed
  4. Sometimes i forget to switch back to one of the other pages after looking at the current memory stats (i mainly use it to see how much the page file is loaded). I was thinking it may have been a general exception or virtual alloc leak, but windows event viewer reported something much much different. Now thats a strange thing to report. The drive its on is still present in the system, i can subsequently restart Aida64 immediately after this crash and simply changing from the Memory page to any one of the others will have it work fine for ever after. Do you have any Symbols i could use in windbg so i can attach the debugger and get a crash dump?
  5. Hmm, that flashing thing is very similar to the low memory scenario i was describing. are either of the Paged pools using alot of memory on the performance tab?
  6. indeed. a friend of mine had to mess with his radeon drivers because of the lack of edid causing issues with digital scaling.
  7. Check for any of your apps having a higher amount of memory used in the Commit column vs the Working set column (Windows only displays private bytes by default, so both of these need to be enabled in the columns configuration in task manager) if the commit column is a fair bit higher, it means part of the process's memory usage has been paged out to disk the Memory page in aida64 will also tell you how much Pagefile is being utilised too.
  8. try the new drivers sora also how much ram d oyou have? maybe when you're gaming the windows components are paged out and you get excessive disk thrashing after closing the game
  9. having 2 applications accessing smart at once can cause lag and heavy DPC in my testing.
  10. Its definitely a driver bug then, Fiery if you could forward Arctucas's findings to intel it might prevent 11.5 finally landing with critical bsod issues.
  11. the gadget is compiled, a simple hex edit will not be enough to ensure compatibility.
  12. try reproducing the issue against Crystal Disk info 5 alpha
  13. the service is part of the GUI (C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Rapid Storage Technology\IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe) The beta pack available only updates the driver components. Barring any changes to the driver functionality wise (other then the changes to SPTI and SMART routines), the older UI/Service executables are fully compatible with the new driver
  14. There is no GUI in this beta. Intel only update the GUI when needs be, which is why there has been a couple of recent versions which have an older driver version but newer gui or older gui and newer driver.
  15. spin up and spin down is the most intensive part of a hdd's operations anyhow, so its best to either keep spin ups low or always keep it spinning
  16. just run dpinst in the extracted folder (if you get it from stationdrivers) it will handle the installation
  17. and if you're still checking back now and then Arctucas, is now available
  18. Ah, something that wouldn't cause a problem for everyone then? you're on the ball this week Fiery, i've never had a faster response xD i just hope intel have fixed their uninstall script, the previous version of 11.5 installed the iastorf (Filter) as a lowerfilter and failed to remove it on uninstall leading to fun times getting windows to work if you delete the file before removing the lowerfilter value
  19. It may be the Win8CP Ndis bug, alot of Consumer preview testers are seeing the NDIS driver consume alot of cpu and cause extremely high dpc latency which could be delaying the aida64 cache test.
  20. It should not require fixing 3.2 is not out just yet, but so far tests have been positive
  21. Fiery, do you have a Intel contact you should talk to about this?, similar behavior is found on Sandy and Ivy Bridge, but not Sandy Bridge E.
  22. Open services.msc and set Task Scheduler to automatic
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