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  1. does this optimised renderer benefit the g15/g510?
  2. if your system is running properly, the LGS lcd driver and LGS software should be loaded before aida64 (aida64 operates on a delayed task schedule)
  3. Devices read via the Megatek megabattery driver seem to display what i assume is 2-2.5 their actual stats - atleast for the Charge rate. for example, the system in my sig, i doubt uses 340-350w at idle, and i highly doubt it uses 760w under load to necessitate equivalent charge rates. (a hx620 would OCP at around 730w when brand new, and mines not...) I expect that the charge value actually in this case also doubles as the current load value when not on battery, of which on my currrent ups (Upsonic ES 1500va/938w) my system loads it to about 14%, which is closer to 131w. Also, the temperature is a null/excessive value, though the upsilon software can read it correctly. ------[ AIDA64 v3.00.2584 Beta ]------ ------[ Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.22210 Service Pack 1 (64-bit) ]------ ------[ Motherboard Info ]------ Motherboard ID : 65-1701-000001-00101111-091911-TYLERSBURG$A1234000_BIOS DATE: 09/19/11 15:16:49 VER: 08.00.15 Motherboard Model : Asus Rampage II Gene Motherboard Chipset : Intel Tylersburg X58, Intel Nehalem DMI MB Manufacturer : ASUSTeK Computer INC. DMI MB Product : Rampage II GENE DMI MB Version : Rev 2.xx DMI MB Serial : MS1C92BJDZ01491 DMI SYS Manufacturer: System manufacturer DMI SYS Product : System Product Name DMI SYS Version : System Version DMI SYS Serial : System Serial Number DMI BIOS Version : 1701 ------[ Batteries ]------ <DESC>Mega Battery Driver</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\root#battery#0000#{72631e54-78a4-11d0-bcf7-00aa00b7b32a}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>ROOT\BATTERY\0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM></BUSNUM><ADDR></ADDR> ------[ Human Interface Devices ]------ <DESC>HID-compliant device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_0001&pid_0000#6&275745e7&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_0001&PID_0000\6&275745E7&0&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>00000000</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000001</ADDR> <DESC>Logitech HID-compliant G500 Gaming Mouse</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c068&mi_00#7&164eef84&1&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C068&MI_00\7&164EEF84&1&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000E</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID Keyboard Device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c068&mi_01&col01#7&d884e3e&1&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C068&MI_01&COL01\7&D884E3E&1&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000F</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID-compliant consumer control device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c068&mi_01&col02#7&d884e3e&1&0001#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C068&MI_01&COL02\7&D884E3E&1&0001</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000F</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID-compliant device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c068&mi_01&col03#7&d884e3e&1&0002#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C068&MI_01&COL03\7&D884E3E&1&0002</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000F</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID-compliant device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c068&mi_01&col04#7&d884e3e&1&0003#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C068&MI_01&COL04\7&D884E3E&1&0003</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000F</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID Keyboard Device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c22d&mi_00#7&3bf406c&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C22D&MI_00\7&3BF406C&0&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000C</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID-compliant consumer control device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c22d&mi_01&col01#7&2c29ee35&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C22D&MI_01&COL01\7&2C29EE35&0&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000D</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID-compliant device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c22d&mi_01&col02#7&2c29ee35&0&0001#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C22D&MI_01&COL02\7&2C29EE35&0&0001</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>0000000D</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> <DESC>HID-compliant mouse</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c231#2&3ac8a3fa&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C231\2&3AC8A3FA&0&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>00000007</BUSNUM><ADDR></ADDR> <DESC>HID Keyboard Device</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_046d&pid_c232#2&1024bebb&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_046D&PID_C232\2&1024BEBB&0&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>00000006</BUSNUM><ADDR></ADDR> <DESC>HID-compliant game controller</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\hid#vid_1bad&pid_f023#6&d100989&2&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>HID\VID_1BAD&PID_F023\6&D100989&2&0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM>00000016</BUSNUM><ADDR>00000002</ADDR> ------[ BatteryList ]------ <DESC>Mega Battery Driver</DESC><DEVPATH>\\?\root#battery#0000#{72631e54-78a4-11d0-bcf7-00aa00b7b32a}</DEVPATH><INSTANCE>ROOT\BATTERY\0000</INSTANCE><BUSNUM></BUSNUM><ADDR></ADDR> ------[ Battery #0 ]------ *** Smart Battery Interface *** BatteryDeviceName = Danial-PC BatteryManufactureName = Upsonic BatteryManufactureDate = 2013-09-04 BatterySerialNumber = BatteryUniqueID = 1000 BatteryTemperature = 210 BatteryInformation: - Technology = 1 - Chemistry = N/A - Capabilities = 80000003h - RelativeCapacity = 0 - DesignedCapacity = 100 - FullChargedCapacity = 100 - CriticalBias = 0 - CycleCount = 0 BatteryStatus: - PowerState = 00000001h - Capacity = 100 - Voltage = 2412 - Rate = 337680
  4. GPU-Z can still crash(white/coloured screen) a Kepler GPU if opened along side Aida64, I've confirmed this first hand. HWMon can still crash a gpu (black screen or fan speed unreliable) if run along side aida64, precision, etc on Fermi gpu's (not sure about kepler).
  5. Is it running when you attempt to open Aida64?
  6. the lag comes from the CPU starving the graphics driver, so yes.
  7. I noticed in the new beta This has caused SM5/Dx11 hardware to be reported as SM4.1 / DX10.1. 3.00.2500 vs 3.00.2505
  8. AIDA64's benchmark utilises more of the entire cpu at any one time than the stability/benchmark utilities you mentioned.
  9. Thank you Fiery I don't see an option for it under Stability, so does it only get measured when a OSD or LCD has the related item enabled? edit: found it under Hardware Monitoring
  10. random modules, so its probably related to my thread, and possible throttle monitoring.
  11. Excellent, this improves the debug information generated as well i'll upload the dmp file in a little while
  12. It happens at any time in my case, possibly because i have Logitech LCD support enabled.
  13. On the Titan, the VRM also covers the Fan, thats why some users found when they cranked the fan higher they hit the GPU boost limit and it throttled.
  14. i found myself getting these as well, in Event Viewer, iirc, you will find the a warning mentioning the crash was due to the process being unable to read the drive it is on i found these to occur significantly less (or basically not at all) by always remembering to return to the power management bar before closing aida to the tray
  15. Seems to be ok so far, I guess the dump file helped? Edit spoke too soon, same crashes still happening, and i can rule out the Asus AsIO and AsUpIO as well
  16. I'm just wondering how this mainboard distributes the PCI-E slots the Rampage II Gene for example has 3 1x slots and a pci slot on the ICH10 while the 2 16x and 1 4x slot are on the x58 I assume since the R3E is utilising the Intel GB NIC integrated in the ICH, that the freed 1x slot allows it to serve the 4x slot from the ich? Fiery, if you have this information it would be helpful for how i distribute my pci-e cards when i move from this Gene to the Extreme
  17. too bad official websites tend to offer drivers that are so out of date they corrupt your hdd's after a service pack (no joke)
  18. i am not having any problems with the gaming software. but im not using inferior versions of windows, so.
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