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  1. Yup, i can't use any version of Aida64 that has throttle monitoring, i do remember suggesting that it could be an option under stability settings.
  2. the RT OSD server can detect the currently used directx version.
  3. Ah, i was under the assumption that they hadn't allowed 2 lcd's because of the scenario you mentioned (2x mono lcd's) not working here.
  4. This appears to have been introduced in build recently, though i can atleast trigger it manually in 2327 by opening the summary page newer versions do it at random, with 2341 having the highest frequency. I expect it may have something to do with the Logitech LCD driver, as others have mentioned before. I don't get them with build 2300 and build 2313
  5. after installing my new 680, with that setting disabled the display would glitch itself before correcting and displaying normally. so it doesn't seem to result in a actual gpu crash in every case, hmm..... switching it back on momentary glitch though
  6. This sensor has never been present on aida64 with GTX 680's.
  7. So you want to put your computer at a risk of instabilities, locking up the smbus, freezing the LPC bus, etc.
  8. I know the performance data can be accessed through WMI, however i cannot remember which subinterface.
  9. Yep, im going to try aida64 in the coming days, i don't have frequent access to a laptop with that chipset.
  10. Hi Fiery, this isn't a bug report as so much a notification that i have experienced SMBus hangs using some tools on laptops with a synaptic touch pad on the device otherwise (without the synaptic driver installed) marked as Intel® 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SMBus Host Controller - 1E22. I can readily reproduce this with CPU-Z and other cpu-id tools that access the smbus on the notebook in question (Toshiba P850, but it has been indicated to affect others), but have not yet had the chance to try and reproduce it under aida64
  11. 306.23 didn't have such problems, though i know some people got it into theirheads that 306.97 did.
  12. this could be similar to what i was reporting before on the Memory pane, Fiery.
  13. change to the power management pane in aida64 and report back if the crashes crease or reduce
  14. i'll have to research this further, unless fiery wants to post a link to the relevant article Virtual Address total has nothing to do with the pagefile. You can map 64GB on a system that has 16, with no page file, but if you try to utilise memory exceeding 16GB you will crash the system.
  15. AIDA64 is the only application that actually see's any smart info (limited to the first slot) Hdd Tune doesn't see smart (see's both drives otherwise though) Crystal Disk info doesn't see them HWiNFO64 doesnt see them HWMonitor doesn't see them
  16. according to usbdeview, its a JMicron Technology Corp ATA/ATAPI bridge, USB\VID_152D&PID_2352 This is with a Samsung HD103SJ and WD5000AAKS in the dock, the HD103SJ is not shown in the ata dump atadump.txt smartdump.txt raiddump.txt Looks like the device doesn't even pass the ATAPI info for the second slot, that or aida64 just doesn't know how to use the bridge chip
  17. The device in particular is as listed at http://www.dinodirect.com/hdd-docking-sata-external-multifunction.html what binary dumps do you need to allow it to detect smart on both sata ports and the ide port in the back? (if possible that is)
  18. Yes, but thanks to wear leveling, page file activity doesnt degrade an ssd any faster than writing to profile dat files (and this happens more often xD)
  19. Changing the aida64 colour is likely the problem since the G510 works just fine here
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