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  1. It happens at any time in my case, possibly because i have Logitech LCD support enabled.
  2. On the Titan, the VRM also covers the Fan, thats why some users found when they cranked the fan higher they hit the GPU boost limit and it throttled.
  3. i found myself getting these as well, in Event Viewer, iirc, you will find the a warning mentioning the crash was due to the process being unable to read the drive it is on i found these to occur significantly less (or basically not at all) by always remembering to return to the power management bar before closing aida to the tray
  4. Seems to be ok so far, I guess the dump file helped? Edit spoke too soon, same crashes still happening, and i can rule out the Asus AsIO and AsUpIO as well
  5. I'm just wondering how this mainboard distributes the PCI-E slots the Rampage II Gene for example has 3 1x slots and a pci slot on the ICH10 while the 2 16x and 1 4x slot are on the x58 I assume since the R3E is utilising the Intel GB NIC integrated in the ICH, that the freed 1x slot allows it to serve the 4x slot from the ich? Fiery, if you have this information it would be helpful for how i distribute my pci-e cards when i move from this Gene to the Extreme
  6. too bad official websites tend to offer drivers that are so out of date they corrupt your hdd's after a service pack (no joke)
  7. i am not having any problems with the gaming software. but im not using inferior versions of windows, so.
  8. Yup, i can't use any version of Aida64 that has throttle monitoring, i do remember suggesting that it could be an option under stability settings.
  9. the RT OSD server can detect the currently used directx version.
  10. Ah, i was under the assumption that they hadn't allowed 2 lcd's because of the scenario you mentioned (2x mono lcd's) not working here.
  11. This appears to have been introduced in build recently, though i can atleast trigger it manually in 2327 by opening the summary page newer versions do it at random, with 2341 having the highest frequency. I expect it may have something to do with the Logitech LCD driver, as others have mentioned before. I don't get them with build 2300 and build 2313
  12. after installing my new 680, with that setting disabled the display would glitch itself before correcting and displaying normally. so it doesn't seem to result in a actual gpu crash in every case, hmm..... switching it back on momentary glitch though
  13. This sensor has never been present on aida64 with GTX 680's.
  14. So you want to put your computer at a risk of instabilities, locking up the smbus, freezing the LPC bus, etc.
  15. I know the performance data can be accessed through WMI, however i cannot remember which subinterface.
  16. Yep, im going to try aida64 in the coming days, i don't have frequent access to a laptop with that chipset.
  17. Hi Fiery, this isn't a bug report as so much a notification that i have experienced SMBus hangs using some tools on laptops with a synaptic touch pad on the device otherwise (without the synaptic driver installed) marked as Intel® 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SMBus Host Controller - 1E22. I can readily reproduce this with CPU-Z and other cpu-id tools that access the smbus on the notebook in question (Toshiba P850, but it has been indicated to affect others), but have not yet had the chance to try and reproduce it under aida64
  18. 306.23 didn't have such problems, though i know some people got it into theirheads that 306.97 did.
  19. this could be similar to what i was reporting before on the Memory pane, Fiery.
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