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  1. But now Driver is corrupting memory, I've had bsods with aida64 and gpu-shark so far, others have with precision and msi ab Fiery, does AIDA64 refresh sensors when running in the tray but no output panels or lcd's are set up? asking because if nvidia tries to repro the bsod issue on aida64 they'll have to do it on the GPU info or Sensors if the refreshing is paused when the window isn't active.
  2. Blast from the past, but i just found an nvidia txt file covering this issue XD http://download.nvidia.com/open-gpu-doc/gk104-disable-underflow-reporting/1/gk104-disable-underflow-reporting.txt
  3. I've just done some file drop trickery to get aida64/gpuz to use an older nvapi to stop the leaks, same with the nvidia containers
  4. r397 fixes one thing and breaks everything else on windows 7, any sensoring app you open leaks GDI objects Aida64 included (as of 397.55)
  5. Follow up post since others are reading this "Commit Size" is titled "Page File" in windows XP/9x and certain utilities made by a Unwinder, but it does not reflect the amount of of actual on-disk page file in use.
  6. ooo.... so the lack of an actual register is why my 10-10-10-27 ram shows up as 8-10-10-27 in CPU-Z/PC Wizard and 11-10-10-27 in AIDA64/HWInfo after resume from S3 It's pulling a last known value from somewhere in different ways.
  7. I was reading a review just now from a certain website, and the reviewer has blamed Aida64 for not being compatible with Threadrippers UMA mode on its less than perfect memory bandwidth. This same reviewer went on to bench a bunch of video games in UMA, just because it was the default setting completely ignoring the fact that the NUMA setting is intended for gaming appication. He might have well have been advertising for Intel with the gaming scores. IMO, its time these has beens leave the hardware journalism business if they don't even understand whats going on anymore.
  8. They do, however only the VRAM of the 1080 is returned, this probably comes back to the fact only the primary display driver is listed though, so nothing can be done about that
  9. Windows 7 x64 with latest patches. was running a heavily modded skyrim last night, and video memory up till 4096MB was reported correctly, anything over would start again at 0MB. This might actually be a limitation of windows, i see in Process Explorer the dedicated memory value caps at 4096MB. GPU-Z / Nvidia Inspector must be getting memory usage info from nvapi then :<
  10. Also, AIDA64 doesn't at all show any DirectX Video information for secondary display drivers (devices) I have a 1080 and 1060 in this machine, only the information for the 1080 is shown.
  11. It seems when vram usage passes 4GB, the aida64 values for the used GPU begin showing very low numbers. This i what i see in Aida64, where GPU-Z and Nvidia Inspector show >4.8GB used. Utilization GPU 98% Memory Controller 46% Video Engine 0% Bus Interface 5% Dedicated Memory 609 MB Dynamic Memory 699 MB DirectX Video info shows Direct3D Device Properties Total / Free Video Memory 8192 MB / 3385 MB
  12. Ok, i've got some interesting information on this. The chipset page lists the following of a system currently running the marvel sata, jmicron sata, and nec usb 3, with a geforce 550ti and renesas usb 3 card installed in the bottom 16x slot PCI Express Controller PCI-E 2.0 x2 port #1 In Use @ x1 (Marvell 88SE9123 SATA 6Gb/s Controller) PCI-E 2.0 x2 port #2 In Use @ x1 (NEC uPD720200F1 USB 3.0 Host Controller) PCI-E 2.0 x16 port #3 In Use @ x16 (nVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti Video Adapter, nVIDIA GF116 - High Definition Audio Controller) (top most pci-e 16x 2.0 port)
  13. both are connected to the JMB chip presently, one connected to the rear esata port, and another connected on the case esata port. both of these will be going internal when my new build is ready.
  14. JMB363, 1 esata, 1 internal sata, and a pata port for 2 devices.
  15. All im doing is selecting the MX300 after the MX200 and vice versa and the smart fields come back wrong, some of them duplicated or missing. This could just be a Jmicron glitch, or one that only occurs when used with MSAHCI drivers, jmicron drivers are slower and buggy, and don't work with SSD tools well at all.
  16. it hasn't, im guessing it might be the controller doing it
  17. I see you have added the mx300 in the new beta I am seeing some odd GUI behaviour though when switching between the two ssd's though involving the smart fields If i select a HDD and then the MX200 or MX300 i see this mx200 ID Attribute Description Threshold Value Worst Data Status 01 Raw Read Error Rate 0 100 100 0 OK: Always passes 05 Reallocated Sector Count 10 100 100 0 OK: Value is normal 09 Power-On Hours Count 0 100 100 15201 OK: Always passes 0C Power Cycle Count 0 100
  18. I recently picked up an MX300 and a number of smart fields are listed as <Vendor - specific>. These fields don't seem much unchanged from the mx200, From the MX200 ID Attribute Description Threshold Value Worst Data Status 01 Raw Read Error Rate 0 100 100 0 OK: Always passes 05 Reallocated Sector Count 10 100 100 0 OK: Value is normal 09 Power-On Hours Count 0 100 100 15047 OK: Always passes 0C Power Cycle Count 0 100 100 83 OK: Always passes AB Program Fail Count 0
  19. I would like to be able to hide the LCD items for sensors not currently detected or reporting values. I have a portable hdd that i watch the temp of on my g510 lcd, which reports HD4N/A, with the N/A actually overlapping the name of the sensor, this updates to the temperature of the drive when it is plugged in, but having the n/a visible in the first place is an eyesore.
  20. There is a reason the XMP profile sets 1.65v 1.54v is not sufficient!
  21. Yes, this (reportedly) has only recently been introduced with R337. I can honestly see Alexi(Unwinder) refusing to fix this.... and thered be no fix for d3doverrider anyway >.> Adding aida64 and gpu caps viewer to the list of profiles and turning detection/hooking off works around the issue.
  22. I've got a cross system reproduction of the issue now, the missing variable is having Unwinders D3DOverride or RivaTuner Statistics server open.
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