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  1. change to the power management pane in aida64 and report back if the crashes crease or reduce
  2. i'll have to research this further, unless fiery wants to post a link to the relevant article Virtual Address total has nothing to do with the pagefile. You can map 64GB on a system that has 16, with no page file, but if you try to utilise memory exceeding 16GB you will crash the system.
  3. AIDA64 is the only application that actually see's any smart info (limited to the first slot) Hdd Tune doesn't see smart (see's both drives otherwise though) Crystal Disk info doesn't see them HWiNFO64 doesnt see them HWMonitor doesn't see them
  4. according to usbdeview, its a JMicron Technology Corp ATA/ATAPI bridge, USB\VID_152D&PID_2352 This is with a Samsung HD103SJ and WD5000AAKS in the dock, the HD103SJ is not shown in the ata dump atadump.txt smartdump.txt raiddump.txt Looks like the device doesn't even pass the ATAPI info for the second slot, that or aida64 just doesn't know how to use the bridge chip
  5. The device in particular is as listed at http://www.dinodirect.com/hdd-docking-sata-external-multifunction.html what binary dumps do you need to allow it to detect smart on both sata ports and the ide port in the back? (if possible that is)
  6. Yes, but thanks to wear leveling, page file activity doesnt degrade an ssd any faster than writing to profile dat files (and this happens more often xD)
  7. Changing the aida64 colour is likely the problem since the G510 works just fine here
  8. iirc, Virtual counts all memory used by all processes all up, but applications using shareable addresses are not discounted so the virtual count will appear to be larger than the swap. the Swap space is the total available / in use memory from Physical + Page The page file is infact not doing anything on that drive and the access patterns for the page file aren't damaging to an SSD in any case. basically, its there if its needed and sometimes, it really is needed
  9. looks like you need to run some form of converter on the bios before installing 2002
  10. the only time avg really worked properly was when it identified itself as a virus
  11. false positive, typical of avg's god aweful antivirus
  12. its a fault in the amd ahcidrivers install the Catalyst 12.6 SB driver
  13. It is true that the single core turbo multiplier requires C state tech, but in my case, its not related When a user sets a multiplier under the stock multiplier, the cpu will always run at that multiplier. I found my asus bios tended to jump to 22x single core turbo at times even when i had turbo boost off and the cpu set to 20x, and 4Ghz was needing to much voltage. in my case, my clock rate is attained from 200x19x. 20x is the normal multiplier for this processor, with turbo being 21x(all cores) and 22x(single core). My CPU is always at 3800mhz regardless of c-state tech (with high performance profile set) so the turbo ratio is not applicable here I have heard another theory about this which sounds more likely. Nahalem was designed with a quad channel partition in mind, but the consumer level parts are Tri channel only. When the cpu is completely awake, 2 of the cores fight over dram latching and result in a slightly reduced throughput. When the cores are able to enter the c state, only the currently active cores attempt to latch and higher throughput is obtained. This doesn't explain why SBE throughput is not improved with C State tech however.
  14. still reproducing a crash, took a big longer this time i think, i would blame my system, if it weren't for the fact it occurs on the other 64bit laptops i have around here
  15. that was a massive amount of GDI objects, xD, its no wonder it wouldn't open and caused the event viewer to be so sluggish hope its fixed in this new beta
  16. Yes, its normal AIDA64 has a small enough footprint that being paged out wouldn't really affect performance. that handle count isn't showing what i expected it would though. how many GDI objects are there after gaming?
  17. Yes, thats normal. even with DWM off the gpu is used for GDI acceleration.
  18. I believe its a handle leak, memory use doesn't suddenly balloon and GDI count isn't excessive either.
  19. use HKLM just affects where the settings are written to, if the shared memory or gadget stuff was at fault it wouldn't affect it. try running without shared memory and without the desktop gadget. actually, i have a feeling its specifically Shared Memory causing the problem due to a mismanaged constants buffer
  20. the only likely explanation i can come up with is that when run in SLI, the 460 would only mirror the contents of the adapter output on each card and only display one instance of each port. Though i have 2 displays connected to my 275, so the appearance of 4 adapters on 600 series cards may be specific to kepler.
  21. i run with the logitech lcd enabled, and i don't have this problem. do you also have the shared memory feature enabled Sora, or the desktop gadget?
  22. which page are you leaving aida64 minimised on?
  23. are you looking at the summary page?
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