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  1. On these cpu's, it appears C3 is required to get the best results in the aida benchmark however C3 and C6 come at the expense higher DPC latency, and i also find windows to be smoother with them off :\
  2. AIDA64 does have a MemBW test in the debug menu, but i don't recommend running it since it is almost impossible to cleanly stop.
  3. it has nothing to do with AIDA64, the problem is entirely a hardware fault. Amazing how everyone else with a non evga gtx 680 can open aida64 just fine and not have any problems.
  4. disable the smbus via nvidia i2c/driver setting and let aida64 access it via its own method. see if the issue persists, you actually get less data from the smbus access on certain cards (in the case of my 275 i lose fan rpm's and gpu VCC) if you have Precision X running alongside AIDA64, its advised to close one or the other. If precision X is accessing voltage adjustment via a HWMon module, then there are known issues between HWMon access mutexs and the mutex aida64 uses. (i've seen black screens and the gpu fan stopping)
  5. these thinkpads seem to use an unusual acpi driver.
  6. working in 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 (i tried release through nightly)
  7. some other times you can find a instability only by using light load.
  8. no, but C1E is the cause of clock instabilities while Speedstep isn't.
  9. look in administrative tools > task scheduler. its possible the delayed start isn't long enough and the taskhost is being stalled by another app/service you have starting at login.
  10. C1E is enabled yet C state and speedstep are disabled.... am i the only one that finds the sillyness in this?
  11. 11.5 should return smart data if the device class is changed from SCSIAdapter to hdc SMART isn't the only thing busted on 11.5 though, i couldn't get perfectdisk to launch correctly with this driver either.
  12. i see, well Dedicated and Dynamic memory appear to be used video memory, and probably don't seperate the commited from the shared video memory usage.
  13. Where are these found in the main window now? i looked under DirectX and GPU and couldn't see them. never mind, they were right up the top of the direct3d list >.< so whats the difference with the new Dedicated and dynamic video memory?
  14. afaik, they either check via DDraw, (though this has issues when reporting back more than 1GB) or use an undocumented driver method
  15. Fiery, the IRST and IRST Enterprise drivers install as Class=SCSIAdapter(Storage Controllers), as opposed to Class=hdc (IDE/ATAPI) and SMART is not available via SCSIAdapter drivers for some reason. i expect this is part of the problem on x79
  16. Swap is the total virtual memory available and used in the system. This is the totals of the System ram and Paging files all up.
  17. Fiery is right, the AES instructions are memory bandwidth hungry and in most benches show substantial improvements with higher clocked dram when overclocking.
  18. once the MemBW dump has started, it does not respond to any clicks, even if you try to repeatedly click the Stop button it doesn't work. seems that the ui priority is too low to catch clicks? spacing the next access a second or 2 could help as well.
  19. this is not the case on Sandy bridge E. Overclocking is not required to use 1600mhz ram on most boards either, given the dram multiplier is unlocked on most x58 and p67/z68 boards.
  20. the latest GPU-Z on the other hand, can now read Radeon memory usage under vista and 7, but not XP
  21. HDDScan is able to show the selected and supported modes, so there must be a way. Maybe the drive itself knows which mode its in.
  22. if you enable the run with nvidia context menu item (from the nvcp) you should be able to start aida64 with the nvidia gpu enabled.
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