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system freezing


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Hello. System is freezing on Kllisre x99-b5 motherboard (h87 chipset). I tried turning off the sensors one by one. But even if I turn off all the sensors, Windows still freezes.
I tried extreme and engineer versions. How can I solve it?

OS - Windows 7 (in uefi). Windows 10 in uefi have same problems

if install windows in legacy - sensors page not freeze pc

P.S I have bios from huananzhi x99-8m-f. Don't pay attention to it


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my system with aida64 extreme 6.75.6100 will crash, freeze , when i start aida64.

my system is intel x99 chipset with asus mainboard rampage v editon 10.

aida64 extreme 6.70.6000 have not the problem.

The Beta version 6.75.6111 will fixed the problem to only 50% !

When i start aida64 6.75.6111 and the programm is in startmode - i think he is loading the sensordata-

and i not wait,

if he has aktivate the lcd of the logitech g19 and g13 with the sensordate,

i move the mouse to do start a other programm,

i have a system crash, freezing and only a reset will start the system new.

with waiting 15 sec., if the lcd window is aktiv - the problem ist away.

question: what do aida64 at start, sensordata read, aida6.70.6000 has not the problem.

 any problem with x99 chipset ?

MFG, Reiner


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